Wheelchair Ramps That Provide Access To Most Buildings

There are a lot of wheelchair ramps available in the market that provide access to any building and many vehicles such as wheelchair ramps from UKS Mobility. The important thing is that many of these ramps are portable. Some can even be carried like a suitcase. They come in different lengths that render them appropriate for curbs, some minivans and one-two steps. The shorter ramps fold in half and have a built-in handle for ease in carrying. These ramps are of aluminum construction and weigh between 11 pounds and thirty-six pounds. Suitcase ramps have a 600 lb. capacity. The portability makes it possible for wheelchair users to access many locations that could otherwise not be accessible.

Threshold ramps for wheelchair users eliminate the struggle of accessing doorways with a raised ledge, sliding glass door entries and raised landings. These ramps are lightweight and constructed of anodized aluminum that will remain rust ad corrosion free for the life of the ramp. Installing them in pairs makes an entrance and exit smooth for any door needing this adjustment. The purchaser only needs to have the correct measurements for the width of the entrance. Installation of this accessory is easy.

Many of these ramps are multipurpose and can accommodate persons with other physical challenges. Persons who must use scooters, walkers, canes and crutches will find them convenient to use. One such wheelchair ramp is the Pathway ramp. This ramp comes with raised railings to hold onto for hand support. These railings help to assure the feelings of safety ad stability for physically challenged individuals.

Platform ramps are particularly effective in providing accessibility into and from mini vans and full size vans. They perform as a semi-permanent ramp with telescoping sections that are extendable to adjustable lengths. These ramps can also provide access over curbs ad one-three steps.

There are wheelchair ramps that are double-fold that accommodate three, four and six-wheel manual or electric chairs and scooters. These ca be used with full-size vans and mini vans with 30 inch door openings. They can also be used with the tailgates of some pickup trucks and the rear doors of some vans ad SUV’s. All of these wheelchair ramps increase the mobility of wheelchair users and scooter users. They can be ordered with specific measurements and shipped to customers in a ready-to-use format. They require very few carpentry skills to install. They are mostly portable in design so they move with the wheelchair customer.

The portability of these wheelchair ramps makes them available for short or long-term use. They eliminate the need to have permanent wooden fixtures built and attached permanently to a residence or business. The ramps are constructed of anodized aluminum that renders them rust and corrosion free. They are lightweight and easily installed by almost anyone without the requirement of many tools.

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