Reported Side Effects of Yaz

Yaz, a birth control pill invented for women and produced by the corporate giant known as Bayer Pharmaceuticals, has come under attack by both the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) as well as the general, and medical, public. The reason why Yaz has become the center of so much controversy, which includes the filing of over 11,000 lawsuits which have been joined together in a Multi District Litigation, is because of the detrimental and horrifically serious side effects that have been linked to the contraceptive drug since its FDA approval in early 2006. click here for information.

If you have used or are currently using birth control like Yaz or Mirena—or you have a loved one who has or is—then continue reading the following information, as the side effects that have commonly been reported may apply to you or your loved one’s situation. This firm, J.D. can help.

What are the Side Effects?

· Numbness and/or weakness in the limbs of the body, most usually the legs

· DVT (deep vein thrombosis)

· Blood clots

· Heart attacks and strokes

· Cardiopulmonary arrest

· Painful headaches and/or migraines

· General confusion and/or difficulty concentrating

· Problems seeing, speaking, or walking

· Chest pain or a feeling of heaviness

· Pain in the arm or shoulder

· Nausea, vomiting, and/or sweating

· Coughing and even coughing up blood

· Wheezing or breathing that is too rapid

· Redness, inflammation, or pain in one or both legs (a sign of blood clotting)

· Upper stomach pain

· Itching

· Loss of appetite

· Abnormally colored urine and/or feces

· Yellowing of the skin or eyes

· Swelling of the breasts and/or breast tenderness

· Depression

· Insomnia

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