An Overview Of Body Contouring Treatments

Body contouring procedures are performed to remove excess fat and tighten the skin. These procedures are typically performed on normal weight people who have not been able to remove excess skin and fat with diet and exercise. Today, there are several types of body contouring procedures such as Nu Cosmetic body contouring. Below are some of those procedures:

Cool Sculpting

This is one of the newest body contouring treatments. Cool Sculpting is a procedure that involves freezing the fat cells. Once the fat cells are frozen, they will crystallize and naturally be excreted by the body. Cool sculpting can be used to remove fat from the abdomen, obliques, upper arms and back. The results of this procedure will be noticed immediately, and the results will continue to improve over the next two to four months. Cool sculpting does not damage the skin. Patients can return to their normal activities as soon as this procedure has been completed. The number of treatments that the patient will need depends on the amount of fat that he or she wants removed.


Zerona is a procedure that involves using cold laser technology to help patients reduce inches from their waist, abdomen and thighs. The laser causes the fat cells to release the stored fat. The fat that is release from the cells is naturally excreted from the body. Zerona is very safe and can be completed in about 20 minutes. There is no downtime needed, so patients can return to their normal activities as soon as the procedure has been completed. Most people need to get six treatments before they see the full results.


Exilis is a type of procedure that involves using radiofrequency waves to remove fat in the target areas. The heat from the laser will help melt the fat that is inside of the cells. Exilis has been shown to not only reduce body fat, but it can also remove wrinkles and tighten the skin. Unlike many other cosmetic procedures, Exilis is not painful. However, it is important to note that most patients will need to get at least four treatments. This treatments are typically spaced seven to 10 days apart from one other.

There is no downtime needed, so patients can return to work and their other activities as soon as they leave the clinic. For the best results, patients will need to drink lots of water and participate in light exercise after getting this procedure.

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