Alleged Triad Members In World Cup Snare

Cox, Dish, and Direct TV signals were all allegedly set up on big screen televisions tuned in to the World Cup games. 

Unfortunately for Phua, an alleged high-ranking member of China’s brutal mafia, the 14K Triad, his troubles had only begun.

The raid was conducted under interesting circumstances.

To law enforcement agents, the setup looked like a “wire room,” where illegal bets are made and monitored.

Kind of like Ocean’s 11

Now months later, Phua is maintaining his and his son Darren’s innocence. They would arrest him and seven others in connection to an allegedly illegal World Cup gambling ring, which authorities claim Phua and his associates controlled remotely, according to the FBI’s complaint.

Bad Timing

Technicians made a few more visits back to the villas in the first few days of July. They paid out $2.5 million and offered up Phua’s $48 million jet as collateral.

Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, the site of the new Octavius Tower hotel.wikimedia upload.wikimedia.orgA view of Caesars Palace.

The system worked until this spring, when a junket operator walked out of a casino with over $1 billion in junket money. The Feds used that request to enter the villas.

MacauReutershe Sands casino and hotel is seen in Macau October 31, 2009. Meanwhile, Phua has maintained that he has nothing to do with the organization.

Phua is trying to make the case that he’s merely a globe-trotting poker aficionado who regularly plays in multimillion dollar “nosebleed” games. 

On June 23, Malaysian businessman Wei Seng Phua, aka Paul Phua, landed his G-550 jet in Las Vegas. “One isolated sentence does not support the US government’s claim that Phua supposedly is a leader of the organisation.”

They allege that Cheung Chi-Tai, the leader of Hong Kong’s Wo Hop To Triad who also has ties to Macau’s Neptune junket, is connected to the World Cup group — a charge everyone soundly denies.

Phua’s next hearing will take place in Nevada on Dec. At one point they were blocked from fully entering the villa by a butler brought to Caesars by the guests.

Phua was arrested a few days later in the lobby of the Palazzo hotel.. That means less money in Macau. 

The system works like this : Investors pull their money into a fund, and the junkets use that money to give high-rollers cash for the casinos. This time they were accompanied by special agents in disguise. They later presented their findings to the Feds and the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

It couldn’t have come at a worse time, the Chinese economic slow down and President Xi’s crackdown on corruption have China’s super-wealthy laying lower than before. Netherlands match.

One woman working at a computer was so focused on her work, according to the FBI’s complaint, that when the agents demanded that everyone put their hands up, she lifted one arm and continued typing with the other.

“We’re looking forward to the hearing as an opporunity to expose the unconstinutional conduct engaged in by law enfrocement,” said Phua attorney David Chesnoff. 

One June 22, a few Caesars Palance engineers allegedly entered the villas to help set up and troubleshoot the equipment set up in the rooms. Las Vegas Sands Corp, which is expected to launch a public offering of its Macau operations in November, posted a net loss of $123 million, or 19 cents a share, compared with a year-earlier loss of $32.2 million, or 9 cents a share. 15. 

And he says the government should not be able to use any of the information found on laptops and cellphones collected during the FBI’s raid on his villa.

Wells Fargo estimates that Macau revenue could be down as much as 25% from this time last year. He says he did not flee Macau on his jet after bribing his way out of jail in June. 

The problem is that Phua and his associates were allegedly using gambling platforms, SBOBet and IBCBet. The junkets, in turn pay, investors a certain amount of interest on their investment — maybe 1%-2%.

The government argues that Phua was able to get out of jail in Macau in part because he’s a powerful junket operator. He says he has nothing to do with a the 14K Triad — though US and Malaysian law enforcement agents say they have been monitoring his association with the crime syndicate since 2009. Junkets are one way high-rollers get money to gamble in Macau.

“[The] allegation rests entirely on one sentence from a six-year-old document stating information supposedly provided by someone in the Malaysian police,” lawyer Tejinder Singh argued in opposition. Phua and his crew were occupying villas 8881, 8882, and 8888 — 8 is a lucky number in Chinese culture. Analysts think the business model is “nearly broken.”

Within a month, FBI agents would descend on the three villas he and his associates — including Macau casino junket operator Richard Yong — had rented at Caesars Palace. He was likely tired, as one would be after a long flight from Macau — where he had been arrested and held in police custody.


Finally, on July 9 agents officially raided the villas, where Phua and his son Darren were watching the Argentina vs. Both are not licensed in Nevada. Picture taken October 31, 2009.

The engineers said there were about five stations, each set up with a Century Link DSL line, three monitors and voice over internet protocol capability. The engineers took detailed notes and pictures, according to the Feds. All of the sudden investors wanted higher returns.

“The searches were unconstitutional,” Phua’s lawyer wrote in a brief. “A ruling upholding these intrusions would cause innocent Americans to live their daily lives burdened with the palpable fear that their government is regularly scheming to spy on them in their homes.”

Since the arrest, government officials have used the information they found on laptops and cellphones in the raid to connect Phua to other high-ranking members of the 14K Triad. A charge his lawyers also deny.

Paul Phua was bailed out of jail by poker stars Andrew Robl and Phil Ivey. According to the complaint, once they landed they requested a bunch of electronic equipment. According to the complaint, Darren Phua admitted under questioning that his father owns IBCBet.

Officials also allege that Richard Yong is a member of the 14K Triad

That Ain’t Poker – Poker Game Variations

The player determines which card will be turned face-up as the lowest card in the hole of each player is wild for that individual player. Bets are made between each deal. Deal one more card to every player and then reveal the “ugly” card. The first player turns over a card and a betting round occurs. Again, high hands are abundant and a player rarely can be sure that he has the nuts.

High hand wins the pot but each loser matches the pot for the hand. Hold’em is now considered “The Game,” but it is only with the emergence of online poker and the astounding popularity of the World Series of Poker that Texas Hold’Em has ascended to the lofty position of “World’s Best Most Difficult Poker Game.”

Follow the Queen

Roll Your Own


Strategy: Are you kidding?


Strategy: A fascinating game of bluff and aggression where seemingly worthless hands can win the whole pot by driving out the other side.


The Play: Each player is dealt three cards. After the seventh card is dealt, each remaining player takes two chips and hides them behind his back with both hands. A Queen as the final card negates all wild cards. If you do not have the “nuts,” you can be and will be regularly beaten.

middle. Never underestimate what a player may have.

Strategy: Definitely abrave man’s game with most of the strategy belonging to the last two to three players to declare. Anyone can be taught the rules in thirty seconds but it takes a keen insight into your opponents psyche to be successful. The next uncovers cards until he has a better hand than the preceding one. The high and the low hand split the pot. No chip declares for “LOW”, one chip means “HIGH” and two chips means both.  A HIGH-LOW declaration must win both pots outright or he player loses everything.

The Play: Just like seven card stud with two down, four up and the final card down. Next deal one card to every player and flip the first community card. Here are some of the best poker game variations around.


There are only a handful of different types of standard poker games but as many poker game variations as there are players. This is the “good” card and the three that match it are wild. If only the last player stays in, then everyone gets another chance to declare.

The Play: Standard seven card stud until a Queen is dealt face up. Still, there were always players who looking to liven up this game of cards.  As the chips flew, they introduced wild cards, secondary antes and a host of other variations that enlivened the game.


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


Strategy: Be lucky. There is no suit rank so ties split the pot.

Strategy:Be lucky early and bet if you are in the lead.

 . The players then bring one hand forward and simultaneously reveal the contents. Two cards are dealt face down to each player. This continues until no one is left or the final cards are revealed.

The Play: A combination of low ball and seven card stud. Pairs are very strong but, as usual in poker, almost anything can happen.


The Play: Deal seven cards to each player. If  up, the player must pay a designated premium. Best hand is the highest pair or the best ranked cards. Another round of betting ensues and the cards are revealed.

Strategy: Really high hands are common. Play continues in this manner but the first person to declare moving one place to the left each hand. Every time anew winning hand is uncovered, a new betting round ensues. Don’t be surprised when your Royal Flush is beaten by Five-of-a-Kind. Play continues like this with a betting round in between. Anyone caught looking matches the pot. Play is then resolved normally.

The Play: Seven cards are dealt, face down to each player. Not much else to speak of other than be aggressive if in the lead.




Mexican Sweat

Seven Card Hi-Lo with a Concealed Declare


Strategy: A remarkably strategic poker game with much information revealed at every stage. Also, be sure to hold your hand over your heart during the National Anthem.

Strategy: Deception is the name of the game in Anaconda. Starting on the dealer’s left, each player declares whether they are in or out. On the last card, the dealer asks if the player would like the last card u or down. Anyone who has a matching up card must fold. There is plenty of back and for the in this wild and crazy game of poker.

Guts – Two Card with No Drop

Prior to Hold’em’s renewed  popularity, draw and stud served admirably as the main games of any poker evening. Threes (outs) and nines (innings) are wild and any four (walks) allows the purchase of an extra card.

The Play: Deal two down and one up to every player and lay three community cards in the


The Play: One of the most exhilarating and gut-wrenching poker variations around. Each player then trashes two cards and puts the remaining five cards in the order he would like to see them played. Each of these games requires a different set of skills and calculations, they all still embody the heart of poker; read your opponent property, bluffing him when necessary and always outplay him. This game can get exceedingly expensive and is even better when played as a hi-lo game.

Below, you will find some different types of poker games. Any cards matching it must be discarded by every player. The community card itself cannot be used. Deal another card to every player and flip the “bad” card. The next card dealt and all like it are wild. Each player then passes three cards to the player on his left, then two and then one. There ar some wrinkles, however. Play and betting are then usual as each player reveals one card simultaneously

CNN – Local News – Gore against online gambling ban


AZ, Phoenix, KPHO

AZ, Phoenix, KTVK

AZ, Phoenix, KUTP

AZ, Tuscon, KOLD

AZ, Tucson, KVOA

CA, Eureka, KIEM

CA, Fresno, KJEO

CA, Fresno, KSEE

CA, Los Angeles, KCAL

CA, Los Angeles, KCBS

“To save it, the (House) leadership has to step in,” said Wayne Mehl, a lobbyist for the Nevada Resort Association.

Gore against online gambling ban

WASHINGTON (Las Vegas Review Journal) — Vice President Al Gore objects to legislation in Congress to ban gambling over the Internet, and his opposition could dim prospects for the bill’s passage this year.

The Clinton administration’s reluctance to tamper with the Internet economy is a longstanding policy that does not begin or end with gambling.

Bryan has warned that Congress must enact a ban this year to prevent his state’s casinos from expanding onto the World Wide Web.


NV, Las Vegas, KVVU

NV, Reno, KOLO

OR, Eugene, KVAL

OR, Medford, KTVL

UT, Salt Lake City, KSL

WA, Seattle, KIRO

WA, Seattle, NWCN

WA, Seattle-Tacoma, KCPQ

WA, Spokane, KXLY

ID, Twin Falls, KMVT

NV, Las Vegas, KTNV

More Nevada Resources:

  KTNV Nevada

  KVVU Nevada

CNN/SI City pages:

  Las Vegas, NV

It goes back to when the White House rebuffed governors’ grumbling about the loss of state revenues to purchases on the Internet. Their theory is that Gore does not want Congress to pass any legislation that might be perceived by voters as regulating the Internet economy, and that includes a gambling prohibition.

Missi Tessier, a principal of the Podesta firm, said its work has included lobbying the House Judiciary Committee, which nonetheless voted 21-8 on April 6 to pass Goodlatte’s Internet gambling ban.

But the mood among those who support an Internet gambling ban is increasingly pessimistic.


DiGregory has advised lawmakers to modify the bill so that it is “technologically neutral” and does not target the Internet.

Gore’s concerns echo those expressed repeatedly by the Justice Department — that the bill to prohibit online casinos contains loopholes that could lead to more wagering in the long run.

“I know land-based casinos in Nevada are watching what is happening in the United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa where casinos are already involved (in the Internet gambling market),” she said.

DiGregory is part of an “e-commerce working group” that includes staff members from the White House, the departments of Justice and Commerce and other agencies formulating administration positions on Internet issues, according to Justice Department spokeswoman Gretchen Michael.

A delay caused by the House Commerce Committee expired last month, and sponsor Robert Goodlatte, R-Va., says he will push for speedy action on the floor. Support for the measure by Sen. “They say they too are opposed to Internet gaming, but then get bogged down in legal minutiae on how to get to a ban.”. She subscribes to a widely held view that it’s only a matter of time before mainstream gaming companies in Nevada and the rest of the United States plunge into the Internet market.

Congress still may pass an Internet gambling ban this year, but prospects have declined since the Senate approved its version of the bill last November. But Deputy Assistant Attorney General Kevin DiGregory, to date the Clinton administration’s voice on the Internet gambling ban, has intensified his criticism this year in testifying before House committees.

“The Justice Department is elevating form over substance,” said John Shelk, a vice president of the American Gaming Association. The administration cites the Internet as a huge factor in the prosperity of the Clinton years, and one of Gore’s campaign themes is continuing the good economic times.



There are 52 countries that sanction Internet gambling, said Sue Schneider, publisher of Interactive Gaming News in St. The council is a Vancouver, British Columbia-based trade association whose members include offshore Internet gambling companies.


CA, Los Angeles, KCOP

CA, Los Angeles, KTLA

CA, Monterey, KSBW

CA, Oakland, KTVU

CA, San Diego, KSWB

CA, San Francisco, KBHK

CA, San Francisco, KBWB

CA, San Francisco, KPIX

CA, San Jose, KICU

CA, San Jose, KNTV

HI, Honolulu, KHON

Backers of the Internet gambling bill take exception to the criticism it would expand gambling.

Australia moves to curb Net gambling

Net gambling craps out in New York

The White House has not taken an official position on the proposed ban. “We are simply grandfathering in a closed-loop system (for horse racing, dog racing and jai alai) that already is legal.”

Gore — the presumptive Democratic nominee for president — has not spoken publicly about Internet gambling, and he does not appear to have played a direct role in its consideration on Capitol Hill.

“The vice president supports efforts to limit the growth of Internet gambling, but he is concerned that exemptions in the bill could actually expand gambling,” Gore campaign spokesman Alejandro Cabrera said.

For example, Cabrera said, an exemption for horse racing could make it legal to make bets across state lines.

But even if the Internet gambling ban does not pass, federal law still prohibits gambling “via wire communications” across state lines. Richard Bryan, D-Nev., the leading Democratic sponsor of the Senate bill. We are not expanding gambling,” said Sen. Hence, Internet gambling conducted totally within the state of Nevada might be legal, but receiving online wagers in Las Vegas from Los Angeles might not.

But lawmakers and gambling lobbyists see the shadow of the presidential campaign hovering over the issue. The House and Senate bills do not differ greatly, so a compromise might be quickly forged.

Federal law is still murky enough to keep legitimate gaming operators off the Internet, Shelk said.

Supporters of the ban also find it unsettling that Tony Podesta, the brother of White House Chief of Staff John Podesta, works for a Washington lobbying firm that represents the Interactive Gaming Council. Charles, Mo., and a longtime advocate of online gaming. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., was so overwhelming that it passed by voice vote.

“We are absolutely committed to making sure that the Internet works for business and consumers and do not want to do anything to diminish the effects that it can have for our economy,” Gregory Baer, assistant treasury secretary for financial institutions, told the House Banking and Financial Services Committee on June 20.

“I strongly disagree with the Justice Department

In Macau, casino titans join China reform wagon

Lionel Leong Vai Tac, secretary for Economy and Finance in Macau, said in January there may be changes in taxes on casinos, according to local media, without giving further details.

“We promoted just under 2,500 employees, 90 percent of whom were Macau locals. In Macau, where one in five people work in the industry, gambling accounts for 95 percent of total revenue, more than double the level in Las Vegas.

1 of 2. As one of the largest employers in Macau, if not the largest, we take our responsibly to the community very seriously,” Sands founder Sheldon Adelson told investors in a Jan. Officials set to review Macau’s 35 casinos will examine how operators have diversified away from gambling in deciding who gets the most gaming tables in a new strip modeled on Las Vegas, and who hangs on to concessions set to expire from 2020.

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Over the next three years, the operators, including Melco Crown, SJM Holdings Ltd, Galaxy Entertainment Group and MGM China Holdings, will open new resorts on the Cotai strip, a reclaimed stretch of land between the bustling main peninsula of Macau and Coloane island, which is modeled on the Las Vegas strip.

Credit: Reuters/Tyrone Siu/Files

Meanwhile, Melco Crown is expected to open its movie-themed Studio City in the third quarter with facilities that include a ferris wheel that stands more than 400 feet tall, a night club and a 5,000-seat concert hall.

Galaxy’s newest development is set to open on the Cotai strip in May, together with its new Broadway property which will house a 3,000-seat theater.

U.S. The Sands Cotai Central logo is seen in front of its hotel in Macau in this September 20, 2012 file photo.

It also comes as growth in gambling revenue has plummeted, with high-rollers quitting Macau’s tables in the face of Xi’s zeal for squashing ostentatious spending. Now, the reform drive has new champions – the casino operators.

Casino operators are also trying to emphasize good corporate culture and training for local residents, a key policy target of Macau Chief Executive Fernando Chui’s new administration.

Despite the extended slide in revenue growth, casino operators remain determined to make it big in Macau, with new developments coming up fast.


By Farah Master

HONG KONG Sun Feb 8, 2015 4:11pm EST

These developments point to the future of the gaming industry in Macau, featuring much more than baccarat card tables and roulette wheels.

“We believe it’s in the very best interests of the concession holders to demonstrate to the government the significant investment they are making to help diversify the economy towards other forms of entertainment such as theater and cultural activities,” said Aaron Fischer, an analyst at CLSA in Hong Kong.

The stakes are high as Xi’s reforms squeeze revenue growth to a low since the industry was liberalized in 2001. stalwarts like Las Vegas Sands Corp and Wynn Resorts Ltd say they know the new game well. We invented that idea,” Steve Wynn, founder of Wynn Resorts, told investors in a conference call on Feb. “When you hear the central government and the Macau government urged operators to diversify the attractions of their facilities…they are preaching to the choir. 4.

“These investments should translate into approval for around 400 gaming tables…reasonable considering the capital expenditure investment of between $2.5-4 billion being made by each of the operators,” said Fischer.

The firms that lead the former Portuguese colony’s $44 billion-a-year gaming business are pledging to spend billions of dollars on opening more amenities like convention centers and theaters, and touting their credentials as good employers.. 29 conference call.

HONG KONG (Reuters) – Leading China’s anti-corruption campaign, President Xi Jinping warned Macau last December that the world’s biggest gambling hub needs to be about more than baccarat. The rate of casino revenue growth in January was 17 percentage points lower than a year earlier, the eighth consecutive monthly decline, and February is set to be the worst on record with analysts predicting growth will be down some 35 percentage points.

The industry review is also likely to shed light on what the casino operators can expect as the first of their licenses start to expire in 2020. (Editing by Kenneth Maxwell)

The six licensed casino operators in the special administrative region are prepared to adapt, and say their track record shows it can be done

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Do the colors of loom bands that you put into your creations and wear say something about you? Colors are chosen to wear for many reasons. it to be that much easier by using online casinos and then you can start to play every on line casino game you desire inside the convenience your house.

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Former Astros Pitcher Jarred Cosart being investigated for alleged sports gambling

 So it is unlikely that official punishment is made in this case, if it’s even provable.

Former Astros pitcher Jarred Cosart was outed on Twitter for alleged sports gambling.

According to various sources, former Astros and current Marlins pitcher Jarred Cosart has outed himself by mentioning on Twitter that he gambled on sporting events, and specifically on college basketball’s March Madness..  On the surface, and from the outside, this instance is another feather in Houston’s player evaluation cap.  Perhaps Cosart will have a long and successful career as a MLB starter as scouts once thought he would.  The recipient of the DM went public for reasons unknown with screenshots of the conversation.  Cosart is also claiming that his account was hacked to frame him, and that he would never bet on baseball (which, it should be noted, was not implied by the Twitter conversation).

MLB rules do not specifically prohibit betting on other sports, unless one is to construe the generally-worded “Other Misconduct” as indicating that any sports betting is not “in the best interests of baseball”.  But there is no evidence that this claim has merit or is any more than the irresponsible musings of the internet, and should be treated as irrelevant unless more information comes to light.

Regardless, this is yet another in a string of examples showing Cosart’s immaturity, a major factor that was rumored to drive his trade to the Marlins in return for 3B Colin Moran, CF Jake Marisnick, P Frances Martes, and a compensatory draft pick.  But is the headache worth it?  Each successive occurrence of poor judgment off the field requires a reevaluation of his risk and likelihood to succeed on the field as well.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports


Cosart, no stranger to Twitter controversy (just Google “Jarred Cosart Twitter” to see what I mean), apparently admitted via Direct Message (DM) to a bookie or gambling advice expert that he placed a large bet on a sporting event.  Speculation about this being a hoax were seemingly addressed when Cosart’s now-infamous Twitter account first went private, and then was shut down completely.

10:10 AM Central Time:  Apparently, MLB is investigating Cosart’s ties to sports gambling.

However, there was already speculation among bookies (see previously linked article) that Cosart may be throwing some games — speculation based on strange run prevention stats for his career in the first innings of games

Sports betting in Latvia: Law and Policy.

complaint), information provided by another institution, or on its own initiative. That is, they are not bound by this obligation and are able to remit the whole winning to the person without any withholdings. Licensing-Special

The Gambling Law only provides the general restriction on “gambling advertising.” It does not elaborate on the meaning of the term “advertising.” In those circumstances the general definition of advertising from the Advertising law (28) has to be applied to understand how extensive the restriction on gambling advertising is. Although the Inspection publishes statistics on the betting market, given that there is only one licensed operator in Latvia, these figures basically reflect the revenues of this company. Introduction

As in most jurisdictions worldwide, sports’ betting in Latvia is regarded as a gambling activity. Some of these websites are still carrying banners with sports betting sites and promotional activities can still be noticed during sports events. However, if the league cannot ensure that its sponsors’ logo is displayed, it risks losing the sponsor and may not consider Latvia as a one of the possible locations for the venue. 113, Rules on Independent and Internationally Recognized Laboratories to Issue Opinions on Software Used in Organisation of Interactive Gambling, adopted on 07.02.2006, only two institutions are allowed to issue such opinions: the Gaming Laboratories International Europe BV (Netherlands) and SMI Software Messtechnik Institut GmbH (Austria).

Another interesting aspect in a similar case against one of the largest Internet news portals “Delfi” indicates that the same offense may lead to a double penalty. (40) The tax rate for sports betting has been raised to 15% from the organizers income, instead of the 10% rate that was applicable before. (7) The amount of the paid up share capital has to be at least 1 million LVL. It also allows targeting much wider client auditory in a more cost efficient way for the organizer. The market

The advertising restriction is in fact a two-fold issue. Given that these websites operate according to the laws of their registration countries and are not controlled by the Inspection, the Latvian consumers using these services do so at their own risk. There is an explicit regulation, which shows that Latvia considers it to be a legitimate business activity. Amount of 1 million LVL constitutes approximately 1.42 million EUR.

(37) SIA Tele Toto, Br v bas iela 99, R ga LV1001, Latvia,;

Since the time Latvia regained its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, the gambling industry has witnessed a significant growth. There are no prohibitions for online gambling, nor are the activities restricted to state monopolies. On the con trary, it could be the licensing and regulatory environment that makes sports betting organizers consider operating from abroad. On the one hand, the government tries to protect the general public from the potential harms of gambling; on the other hand, the restriction leads to complications that make Latvia less attractive as a potential venue for international sporting events. (29) Given the broad wording, the definition could apply to anything the organizer does outside its registered gambling site, as long as it can be shown that the actual purpose of the particular activity is to promote the gambling services rendered by the gambling organizer. The regulation of betting has evolved slowly over time, including in relation to the licensing requirements, the supervision mechanism, the regulated forms of gambling (traditional, interactive), and the rules on protection of gamblers’ rights and public interests.

In order to obtain the general licence, certain information and documents must be filed with the Inspection. On the other hand, even when the economy is in a decent shape, the tax rates are still increased to implement the defined Latvia’s policy – i.e. 17.10.10;

(20) Supra note 6, Annual Public Report 2008, page 18;

The application is examined and a decision regarding the interactive licence, if it concerns only sports betting, is taken within thirty days from the receipt of full information at the Inspection, whereas if other gambling services are rendered as well (i.e. There is no information as to the total market share the foreign operators have managed to obtain. E03-RIG-372 (01 September 2008); and No. The attitude may vary from municipality to municipality, but as regards the Riga city municipality (approx. The sports betting organizers tend to be frequent sponsors of international sporting leagues and they reasonably expect that their logo will at least be displayed during the events the league organizes. The growth in the industry brought light to different types of wagering and bookmaking, but sports betting became the most popular of them. The fact that there is only one company licensed should not lead to false assumptions that the market is unattractive for other companies. It would be incorrect to assume that the company has a 100% market share, but on the other hand, it is also difficult to tell what the actual market share might be. They argued that the company could also be rendering non-gambling services that are not subject to advertising restrictions. However with amendments adopted on September 19, 2003, the tax on the organization and operation of totalizator and betting was set as a percentage of the income from the activity.

(30) CPRC Decisions No 2-r (11 May 2007); No 5-r (16 May 2007); No 15-r (20 July 2007); No. The number of such companies seems to be only increasing over the years. However, even without specific regulation, sports betting did not become very popular. (23)

(12) Ibid., article 14, and Law on Lotteries and Gambling Tax and Fee, adopted on 16 June 1994, article 2, (~ 430’000 EUR);

Latvia’s case shows that despite the restriction, sports betting sites are still being promoted on Internet portals and during sporting events either directly or through “alibi sites.” The competent authorities, despite viewing this as violation, have not managed to make these advertisements disappear. Four cases deal with Internet portals containing sports betting banners and one case was against the operator of the largest sports arena in Latvia. Under Latvian law betting is defined as depositing a stake on the possibility or impossibility of any event and the amount of the gain depends on the accuracy of the player’s forecast, deposited stake, as well as on the index for calculation of the gain, which is fixed by the rules of game. Hence, the current inability to effectively enforce the restriction, which puts the local companies in a disadvantageous position, calls at least for a debate as to whether the restriction should not be reassessed. In addition to the gambling tax the companies also pay corporate income tax, social contributions, VAT and other taxes which in the first quarter of 2009 amounted to 2,8 [PA7]million LVL. In 1994, when the first gambling regulation was introduced, (3) sports betting as a service almost ceased to exist due to its low popularity and the newly adopted regulation, which made the service more complicated to provide. Sports betting and bookmaking, which constitutes a certain part of the industry, has also developed significantly. Furthermore, given that they are not providing sports betting services themselves, these sites cannot be restricted from advertising in Latvia. In year 2008 the total turnover from games of chance was 154 million LVL, of which betting accounted for 10 million LVL. (18) Yet again, even if the intended location does not fall within the predefined restricted areas, the municipality is still entitled to refuse its permission if it finds that gambling in the particular location would be “detrimental to public interests.” (19) There are no objective criteria laid out under which the assessment for “detriment to public interests” should be made, thus the municipalities have rather wide discretion to implement the gambling policy they stand for. The intentional nature of these events allows for significant attention, revenues from ticket sales, increased tourism and publicity. (31) The CRPC is entitled to initiate a case either on the basis of a third party application (i.e. The same tendency is visible comparing the turnovers in the first quarter of 2008 (2,3 [PA3]million LVL) to the first quarter of 2009 (2,7 [PA4]million LVL). There are at least two requests for preliminary rulings to the European Court of Justice seeking a response whether Member States shall recognize each other’s licensing regime. A reasonable balance must be found. In all the publicly available violation cases (30) so far, it has always been a sports betting site registered abroad that is advertised. 30.000 LVL are payable annually.

Currently the rivalry from foreign online betting organizers, usually operating in more favorable regulatory environments, has lead to a situation where there is only a single enterprise licensed in Latvia to provide the traditional and interactive sports betting services. Licensing – General

For a company to be able to render sports betting services, general and special licences must be obtained in accordance with the Gambling law. Loosing these events also would not be in best interest of the general public.

Usually the sports betting organizers would place a banner in the most popular Latvian online sports portals, in the sports federation web page or in the sports halls/arenas during sporting events. (27) Consequently, there should be no public activities related to promotion of sports betting in Latvia. However, in the late nineties, along with economic growth, the emergence of casinos, and the increasing popularity of slot machines, sports betting also became more popular. Such turnover makes it the third largest gambling company by turnover in the whole industry. Interpreting the restriction in the most extensive way after all may not be in the best interests of the general public.

(38) Directive 2000/31/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 8 June 2000 on certain legal aspects of information society services, in particular electronic commerce, in the Internal Market (‘Directive on electronic commerce’), Official Journal L 178, 17/07/2000 P. (44) Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No 233, adopted 01 July 1997, Procedures how personal income tax is levied on persons’ income from lotteries and gambling”, article 3.2;

In order to obtain the interactive gambling licence, which, among others, allows engaging in sports betting, information regarding rules of the games/services has to be provided, in addition to notice on a Latvian bank account for dealings with customers, description of the software and software test results, (24) location in Latvia where the hardware used for sports betting will be placed, a description of the planned security measures to prevent third party interference, information on measures to be implemented for customer personal data protection, webpage to be used if the sports betting is organized via the Internet, and information about the person in charge of the operations. In the early nineties, due to the lack of gambling regulations, the growth of the gambling industry was spontaneous and uncoordinated. Conclusion

1. Brick and mortar betting halls

The documents that are required for a totalizator and betting hall licence include documents regarding the building of the intended premises and description of the intended activities and development plan, but the most burdensome to obtain might turn out to be the local municipality permission. Electronic communication means have proven to be a much more convenient way for people to wager their stakes. However, the reality is that promotion of sports betting in Latvia still exists. article 33 and the Law on Lotteries and Gambling Tax and Fee, adopted on 16 June 1994, article 2;

2.2.2 Interactive (online) licence

(29) Ibid., article 1;

(42) Supra note 6, Annual Public Report 2008;

The European Parliament recently adopted a non-legislative resolution on the Integrity of Online Gambling. (25)

(39) Supra note 6, Annual Public Report 2008;

The last taxation aspect to be mentioned is that any winnings from a gambling activity are taxable personal income (23% rate). Depending on how successful this battle will be, the results will tell whether the restriction does not need to be reassessed in general. In fact, judging from the available decisions of the competent authorities, among all the possible gambling types, usually sports’ betting organizers are the ones that are involved in the violations of the said restriction. In the case of a totalizator, the prize is determined according to the total amount of pre-paid stakes. From the latest annual reports of the Inspection, one of Latvia’s policies in the field continues to be the limitation of the organization of gambling in the interests of the general public. (14) The organizer may also apply for an interactive gambling (i.e. The banner on a popular Latvian portal (.lv) advertises a “.com” or “.net” site which itself does not contain any games of chance, however its main purpose is to bring the person to a site that does. Consequently, not only sports betting organizers from other EU Member States, but also from third countries, are able to render and target their services to the Latvian public. (9) The Inspection is also entitled to request additional information if it finds that the filed documents do not provide a complete and clear picture of the sources of financing, plans of activity, etc. As noted before, the CPRC is the competent authority with regard to enforcement of the Advertising law, whereas the Inspection is the competent authority with regard to the Gambling law. A case against the largest sports hall “Arena Riga” illustrates the common argument that advertising of the brand or trademark of the sports betting organiser itself does not amount to “gambling advertising.” (33) “Arena Riga” claimed that no particular gambling activity was being advertised and a restriction on advertising the logo of the company would be too broad. The industry has also developed certain practices to deal with the restrictions and enforcement authorities are facing certain issues to strike them down effectively.

The supervision authority over gambling organizers is the Lotteries and Gambling Supervisory Inspection (hereinafter the Inspection), however, the State Revenue Service and the State Police also exercise control, for example with respect to taxation, underage gambling, etc. Considering the present economical downturn, Saeima has adopted yet another amendment to the Law on Gambling Tax, which came in force on July 1, 2009. The CRPC did not uphold this argument, instead it explained that the trademark “betway COM” indicates a link to a certain Internet domain and such practice falls within the advertising definition. . The current greatest challenge for the Inspection and the CRCP is to achieve effective enforcement of the advertising restriction. Among these are state and municipality institutions, churches, health care and educational institutions, pharmacies, post departments, credit institutions, public markets, and others. The Inspection cannot ensure that consumer interests are fully protected and possible tax revenues flow out of the country. (44) Although the average winnings from sports betting might not reach 500 LVL, if they do, the foreign online sports betting organizers are once again in an advantageous situation if compared to the local organizer. (26) Although the law does not refer to any fees or re-registration obligations for interactive licences, the Inspection treats it the same as a regular betting hall licence – i.e. (5) The Inspection also ensures the protection of gamblers’ rights and aims to reduce the eventual social risks related to gambling. (17) Please note though that the restrictions also vary depending on the gaming activity in question and with respect to betting halls the restrictions are the least severe. (20)

(2) Ibid., article 1.18;

(13) Ibid., article 16;

5. In such case, and also in cases where the winnings do not reach LVL 500, the Latvian resident itself is expected to declare such income and make the tax payments.

(34) See CPRC Decision No. The existing gambling organizers, licensed under the previous system, are the ones that have managed to maintain their business in the same location and their leases to the premises have not expired. (16)

by Sarmis Spilbergs and Reinis Pavars *

(46) Reference for a preliminary ruling from the Hoge Raad der Nederlanden, lodged on 18 June 2008 – Ladbrokes Betting Gaming Ltd and Ladbrokes International Ltd v Stichting de Nationale Sporttotalisator, (Case C- 258/08),(2008/C 223/41); and BETFAIR STARTS LEGAL ACTION AGAINST DUTCH GOVERNMENT”, available at pr-betfair-and-dutch-government- 6-5-09.pdf, last accessed on 17 July 2009

2.1. The CRCP rebutted the argumentation in the same manner. (13)

(25) Supra note 1, article 47;

Under the Gambling Law there are certain locations where gambling cannot be organized. The results of the third quarter of 2009 should indicate whether the new tax rates in force as of July 1, 2009, will increase the tax revenues or will slow down the industry even more.

(32) Ibid., article 14;

(35) Code of Administrative offenses of Republic of Latvia, adopted 07 December 1984, articles 166.13 and 204.5;

In addition to the general gambling organizers’ licence described above, a separate special licence is needed with respect to each gambling site the organizer wishes to open. (10) The decision to issue the licence is adopted within ninety days from the day of submission or from the day additional information was submitted to the Inspection upon its request. 0001 – 0016, article 1.5.c;

(21) Approximately 43`000 EUR;

6. (11) The licence is granted to the company subject to payment of the state duty of LVL 300000 (12) (three hundred thousand Latvian lats). There have only been rumors of match-fixing, but no real court cases. For the detriment of the organizers, the competent authorities tend to look at the restriction in its broadest way.

(18) Ibid.;

(36) Supra note 28, article 12.4;

(41) Latvian Law on Lotteries and Gambling Tax and Fee, adopted on 16 June 1994, articles 13 and 14;

(27) Supra note 1, art 41.5;

(43) Law on Personal Income tax of Republic of Latvia, adopted 11 May 1993, article 3.16 and art. (43) In accordance with Latvian tax law, the gambling organizers are obliged to withhold personal income tax and make respective contributions into the state budget on behalf of that person for any winnings above 500 LVL. Furthermore, despite that the E-Commerce directive (38) allows restricting online gambling services originating from other EU Member States, Latvia has neither restricted its residents from gambling on foreign websites, nor has it restricted access to such sites. Hence, the locally licensed operator is keeping an eye on the activities of competitors. Taking into account that these are “.com” or “.net” sites, the Latvian authorities cannot control their advertising content. Advertising is defined as any form or any mode of announcement or endeavour associated with economic or professional activity, intended to promote the popularity of or demand for goods or services. 750,000 residents out of 2,3 million total in Latvia), since the adoption of the Gambling law, which introduced the requirement of municipality permissions, it has not issued any permissions for new gambling locations. (15)

In all cases the parties who were accused of violating the advertising prohibition used similar defense arguments. Given that the local municipality permission is not required, the licensing regime is also more favorable.

Copyright 2009 Gale, Cengage Learning. online) licence or licence for games of chance over the phone if a “brick and mortar” site is not planned. Altogether in 2008 the industry paid 23,8 [PA8]million LVL as a gambling tax in the state budget, 6,9 [PA9]million in municipality budget and the other taxes amounted to 18,2 [PA10]million LVL. Taxation

(17) Ibid., article 41.2;

(28) Advertising law of Republic of Latvia, adopted 20 December 1999;

(1) Gambling and Lotteries Law of Republic of Latvia, adopted on 17 November 2005. In fact there has not been much public turmoil regarding any fraudulent cases by these foreign operators and, although the Inspection might have received some complaints from consumers, as of today it has not published any “black lists” or warnings regarding particular sites which should be avoided. So far there has been no domestic case law regarding the interpretation of the Gambling law in relation to sports betting. (8)

(33) See CRPC Decision No. article 1,5;

(6) Annual Public Report 2008 of the Lotteries and Gambling Supervisory Inspection, approved by the decree No 7 of June 29, 2009, page 20, available at tm last accessed on 20 July 2009;

(19) Ibid., article 42.1.3;

Currently in Latvia the gambling tax and its payment order is regulated by the law “On Lotteries and Gambling Tax and Fee” (hereinafter the Law on Gambling Tax), adopted on June 16, 1994. in the period from May 2007 until November 2008. (6) The Inspection constantly gathers and analyses market data and based on its conclusions as to whether the state policy is being implemented successfully it decides whether additional legislative initiatives are necessary.

COPYRIGHT 2009 ASSER International Sports Law Centre

No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.

* Law Offices of Klavins Slaidins LAWIN, Riga, Latvia.

Despite the economic downturn, the results of the sole sports betting organizer show that the market is still reasonably active. E03-RIG-372, 01 September 2008;

(24) In accordance with the rules of Cabinet of Ministers, No. As a result, foreign online gambling organizers gain competitive advantage over the ones that are locally licensed. The Law on Gambling Tax has had thirteen amendments, which together determine the tax and duties rates to be paid by enterprises that have received gambling licenses. Clearly, Delfi was not satisfied with such a resolution and the CRPC has informally confirmed that not only Delfi, but all other decisions with respect to sports betting advertising, have been appealed in the administrative courts.

(40) Amendments to the Law On Lotteries and Gambling Tax and Fee”; adopted 16 June 2009;

3. In all the cases CPRC established a violation, in two instances a monetary fine of LVL 2000 was imposed, and in the remaining three an order was issued to terminate the violation.

Another trend, which shows at least some respect to the advertising ban by the betting organizers, is the practice of “alibi sites.” To avoid the advertising prohibition, a double link advert is created. (1) Sports’ betting is where a person wagers on the results of a sports event and the amount of the possible winning is determined by the stake-winnings ratio set by the betting service provider. While the rulings are pending, the conclusion is that the CPRC decisions have not resulted in the desired effect. (34) The CPRC imposed a penalty of LVL 2000, despite the fact that the Inspection had already imposed a penalty in of LVL 100. These include the annual report, the report for past quarters of the current year, information about credit liabilities, information about the sources of capital financing, a development plan for the next year activities, indication of the planned kinds of gambling activities, the expected amount and allocation of income and expenditure, the foreseeable profit and its application, information about the shareholders of the applicant, confirmation that at least one half of the members of the supervisory board and the board of directors of the company are domestic taxpayers of Latvia and have an unimpeachable reputation. Nevertheless, according to the most recent data published by the Inspection, (39) in the first quarter of 2009 (January-March), the turnover of the one betting organizer in Latvia was 2,7 [PA1]million LVL. Companies wishing to provide only sports betting services might see this as quite harsh compared to regimes in some other jurisdictions. In the case if the tax amount is indicated incorrectly or the tax payment is delayed the State Revenue Service is empowered to impose strict sanctions, e.g., including disputeless tax recovery, legal penalties up to 250% from the payable tax amount and the annulment of gambling organizers’ licence. Thus, the only sports betting organizer in Latvia, in addition to the 17 fixed locations it runs, has also taken out the interactive gambling licence.

(45) “Integrity of online gambling”, reference INI/2008/2215; available at procnum=INI/2008/2215 last accessed 20 July 2009;

(26) Ibid.,article 48;

In addition to the Gambling law, which lays down the general requirements that the interactive gambling organizer must comply with (player registration, dealings only with Latvian banks, personal data protection, warnings regarding addictive nature, reporting, bookkeeping, etc.), there are several Cabinet of Ministers Regulations that specify these requirements in more detail.

(3) Law on Lotteries and Gambling of Republic of Latvia, adopted on 16 June 1994;

(14) Ibid., article 20;

(22) Supra note 1, article 28 and the Law on Lotteries and Gambling Tax and Fee, adopted on 16 June 1994, article 2;

(5) Ibid., art 82;. Hence, not only the sports industry, but also municipalities and the State itself are interested in encouraging major international sports events to be hosted in Latvia. Depending on the type of intended operations, the organizer can apply either for a casino, gaming hall, bingo hall, or totalizator and betting hall licence. Licences may only be received by capital companies (a Limited Liability Company or a Joint Stock Company) established in Latvia with no less than 51% local shareholding (EU investors are regarded as local). All rights reserved.

(23) Ibid. (45) The European Parliament has recognized many of the issues that the Member States face with online gambling and calls for closer cooperation not only between Member States, but also EU institutions to deal with them and form a “common position.” The uniqueness of the industry has also been recognized, which makes the pure internal market approach inappropriate in this area, recognizing the rights of each Member State to regulate the area according to its traditions and culture, including the right to legitimately restrict the freedom to provide the online gambling services. In fact, given the economic downturn, out of all games of chance only the betting sector has demonstrated an increase if compared to results of 2007 (8,2 [PA2]million LVL). The Law on Gambling Tax prescribes that the tax payment is made on a monthly basis as 1/12 of the total yearly tax rate. (37) The general trend in the sports betting market is that betting is done interactively, i.e., via Internet, telephone, television, radio, or by any other type of electronic communications means. For example, unlike any other gambling activity, betting can be organized in public events locations, in shops, cultural institutions, railroad and bus stations, ports and airports (with separate entrance from outside), as well as in bars and cafeterias. Nevertheless, judging from the frequency of the advertisements these foreign gambling sites place in the Latvian portals, it must be concluded that consumers do not find the lack of Inspection back-up as a major factor and are using these services at least to the extent that it makes economic sense for the operators to be present on the market. The Latvian licensing regime imposes the same capital, establishment and other requirements on the sports betting organizers that a “brick and mortar” casino operator is faced with. The Code of Administrative offenses allows the Inspection to impose a penalty up to LVL 1000 for violations of the Gambling law, whereas the CPRC is entitled to impose a penalty of up to LVL 10`000 for breach of the Advertising law. (32) Of the five sports betting advertising cases, three were initiated by third party applications, and two of these by the only Latvian sports betting organizer. size of the market) of Latvia, it comes as no surprise that there is only one operator of sports betting licensed in Latvia. card games, roulette, etc.), the decision is taken within sixty days. The court rulings are keenly awaited to cast certainty on this issue.

In these circumstances it is hard to tell the actual value and size of the market. The main economic activity of the Internet site is gambling services, which are prohibited from being advertised.

(10) Ibid., article 12;

None of the cases have yet been examined. (46) These decisions will once again show where the balance of competence to regulate in the gambling sector is to be found, or whether it is the absolute competence of each Member State.

If the required documents have been gathered and filed with the Inspection, the Inspection adopts the decision within thirty days and issues the licence to the organizer subject to payment of state duty in amount of LVL 30`000 (21) (thirty thousand lats). (4) The Inspection is the competent authority in key matters of compliance with the law and regulations, licensing, control and supervision, development of legal acts and surveillance of the market. Recent trends indicate that foreign operators are capable of adapting to local markets not only by offering to bet on sports events, but also on a range of different Latvian social, cultural and political events.

2. (35) Although the gambling advertising restriction is stipulated in the Gambling law, the Advertising law contains a more general prohibition – to disseminate legally prohibited advertising. The Internet and the evolution of other technologies has allowed many operators to establish and get licensed elsewhere, but still enter the Latvian market via electronic communication means. Although the license is perpetual, it is subject to re-registration at the Inspection on an annual basis. So far there have been no cases where the legality of this practice would be analyzed and the view of the Inspection and the only Latvian sports betting organizer regarding this practice is also unknown.

2.2. The quantity of the amendments is interrelated with the growth of the gambling industry and its turnover. It was the fourth largest turnover by companies in the gambling sector. The possibilities of electronic communication means allows them to shop for the most beneficial jurisdiction to establish and licence themselves (if at all) and then serve the Latvian clients online. Regulation of and supervision of sports betting in Latvia

2.2.1. The “alibi site” may contain some games of skill or similar entertainment, but not sports betting, only its advertisements. to control the growth of the industry. Promotion prohibition

4. E03-RIG-453;

Given the comparatively “heavy” regulation of the industry and taking into account the overall population (i.e. These decisions are relatively recent, i.e. Hence, either the Internet portals and the sports betting organizers are simply buying time with the appeals, hoping that the penalties would outweigh the gains during the litigation period, or they are strongly convinced that the practice indeed does not amount to gambling advertising. (2)

(16) Ibid., article 27;

Unfortunately there are no statistics available as to the taxes collected in particular from betting activities, however, in the first quarter of 2009 the collected gambling tax from the whole gambling industry amounted to 5,2 [PA5]million LVL in the state budget and additional 1,5 [PA6]million LVL in the municipality budgets. Hence, on the one hand the European Parliament calls for cooperation to deal with the current concerns, but on the other it is not trying to impose certain level of harmonization among Member States. The organizers are constantly looking for ways to bypass the restriction. (36) Hence, each authority qualified the same event as a violation of the law that was in its competence to enforce. Hence, it would be fair to say that the Latvian sports betting market consists of two parts – the locally licensed and the foreign online operators.

The gambling tax, along with the excise tax for tobacco and alcohol, is usually the first to be reviewed when the government needs to raise revenue for the state budget. The current market data shows that despite the economic downturn, the betting sector is still holding up and demonstrating a slight growth.

(15) Ibid., article 46;

(9) Supra note 1, article 11;

The ” Law on Lotteries and Gambling” was adopted by Saeima (the Latvian Parliament) on June 16, 1994, and during the next decade it was amended nine times before being replaced on November 17, 2005, with the current Gambling and Lotteries Law (hereinafter the Gambling Law). Consequently betting reception centers were opened throughout the largest cities of Latvia.

Unlike in several other countries, Latvia imposes no prohibitions in relation to online gambling. Given the involvement of foreign online operators, which brings up jurisdictional and enforcement issues, none of the cases have been initiated against the actual gambling organizer, instead they are all against the advertising channel. Initially the gambling tax was levied as a fixed rate on particular type of gambling. (42) Comparing the 2008 results to 2007 results there is a slight drop and the same is true if comparing the first quarter of 2009 and the first quarter of 2008. Thus, the general licence merely gives the company a status of “gambling organizer,” but each type of gambling activity has to be licensed further. The trend that the whole gambling industry is moving more to the online environment has also been recognized at the EU level.

(4) Supra note 1;, art.81;

(31) Supra note 28, article 13;

Returning to the case of Latvia, although the regulations might seem to be quite strict, at least the sports betting sector and online betting remains a relatively open market. (41)

Since January 1, 2006, along with entry into force of the current Gambling Law, all forms of gambling promotion (advertisements) outside the gambling locations are prohibited. 2-r on advertisement, 11 May 2007;

Given the ample restrictions on locations where betting halls can be operated and the uncertainty with municipality permissions, the potential sports betting organizers might have lost their interest to run a fixed location. (22) The special licence is also perpetual, but subject to annual re-registration (fee LVL 30`000 (thirty thousand lats)). Given the ~ 10 million LVL annual turnover for a single company, and the number of foreign online sites actively advertising on the market (,,,,, etc), the actual size must be at least double of that.

(11) Ibid., article 13;

(7) Supra note 1, art 1.3 and article 8;

(8) 1 EUR = 0.702804 LVL. The compliance with the Advertising law is enforced by the Consumer Rights Protection Centre (hereinafter the CRPC). The question whether the Latvian legal environment is attractive for potential operators is a different debate. Harmonization, however, seems to be something that the industry might be willing to see

Belmont Stakes 2012 Live Stream Online and TV Schedule for Horse Race Post Time

EST. It just seems strange that neither I’ll Have Another, nor Bodemeister will be among the horses running down the last stretch towards the finish line.

The Belmont Stakes live stream will be presented by NBC Sports, in addition to coverage on NBC and its local affiliates. They’ve brought the previous two races, the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes, live online to viewers as well.

Of course, casual sports and horse racing fans may want to catch just the race itself. The race will last a matter of minutes before a winner is decided at the New York racing track in Elmont.

Who will that Belmont Stakes 2012 winner be? With I’ll Have Another out of the race due to injury, it has made Dullahan the favorite, followed by Union Rags. Right now, Belmont post time for 2012 is scheduled for approximately 6:35 p.m. Paynter, which was trained by Bob Baffert is currently third favorite to win. Coverage is set to begin around 4:30 p.m. EST for the Belmont pre-race hype.

The Belmont Stakes 2012 live stream online and televised coverage is approaching with post time coming soon! While the headlines currently read “I’ll Have Another scratched,” that doesn’t mean it won’t be an exciting race for the other contenders Saturday.. It’s disappointing that there won’t be a Triple Crown winner in 2012, but that leaves this one open for an exciting finish

YouTube debuts videos for second music awards

The giant video-sharing site had searched for a new approach after a mixed reaction to its inaugural event in 2013, which featured a livestreamed show from New York that appeared aimed at creating a new-media rival to the MTV Video Music Awards.

The 50 artists who were earlier declared winners–chosen for the growth in interest for their videos on YouTube–included Sheeran as well as a number of massive artists including Beyonce, Drake, One Direction and Nicki Minaj.

YouTube debuts videos for second music awards

But the debuts mostly showcased artists with sizable yet still niche followings, with videos driven by narratives rather than just performances.

The awards came as YouTube and Google try to expand their reach in the growing industry of streaming through paid subscription services.

They included “El Perdon,” a collaboration between Spanish superstar Enrique Iglesias and reggaeton artist Nicky Jam, as well as a song featuring English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran and the electronica-influenced band Rudimental.

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(C) 2015 AFP

The inaugural edition in 2013 had faced criticism that the event lacked YouTube’s unique flavor, with the show culminating in rapper Eminem–a perpetual winner at award ceremonies–being crowned Artist of the Year.

For the second try, YouTube dispensed with the physical world entirely and announced the winners ahead of time and instead used Monday’s “awards” day to premiere new videos.

British trip-hop singer FKA twigs directed the video for her own “Glass & Patron,” which depicts a pregnant woman pulling a scarf from her womb before the song builds into an abstract dance in the woods.

Other artists who premiered videos included dance music singers Charli XCX and Shamir, Norwegian DJ Kygo and the rising rapper Action Bronson.

YouTube on Monday premiered videos from 14 musicians as it tried a new, virtual-only format for the second edition of its music awards.

While the vast majority of award winners were Western, they also included the South Korean girl group 2NE1, who enjoy an especially large following in Japan.

Sports bar may become sports book if Vegas scores a big bet in New Jersey

The online market could explode, much like it is in Nevada where 36 percent of William Hill’s handle comes through bets on its mobile app.

Asher says that if sports betting is allowed in New Jersey it could dwarf the $3.6 billion that was wagered legally on sports last year in Nevada, opening up an entire new industry on the East Coast. And last month NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said at a business conference that he was not opposed to the idea of sports betting and expected his league to participate in it at some point

Unfortunately for would-be bettors, not everyone is enamored with the idea of sports betting. 31 before U.S. Betting is limited to the expected finishing position of the horses on the track.

Of that, there is little doubt. “I hope that signals a re-evaluation of what is obviously a mindset that does not comport with 21st Century reality.”

And the sharp guys from Vegas are poised, ready to jump in when they get the word.

Mostly empty now except on racing weekends at the horse track little more than an hour from Manhattan, it may not stay empty long. And that could be a game changer for anyone in New Jersey who likes to have a little action on their favorite team.

But now the issue is back before a federal judge, and all bets are off. “This is a very sizeable market.”

Should the door open in New Jersey, though, other states will surely follow, much the way they did when Atlantic City became the first place outside of Las Vegas to legalize casino gambling. Daily fantasy sports wagering is exploding online thanks to a loophole in the federal law, and looks very similar to sports betting.

Right now all they’re selling at the sports bar at Monmouth are food and drinks. They don’t understand that it’s a lot easier to monitor betting trends in legal books than with an illegal bookmaker operating out of a corner bar.

“I believe the New Jersey market once fully up and going would be at least three times the Nevada market,” Asher said. It might even help rescue Atlantic City casinos that are struggling to attract customers in the wake of casino expansion around the country.

There are some signs that even that may be changing. District Judge Michael Shipp that the injunction he issued last year upholding the ban should stay in place despite Christie’s announcement that the state would not be involved in regulating the betting.

The William Hill Race and Sports Bar would become the William Hill Race and Sports Book. “This is an area with some of the most storied franchises in American sports where billions of dollars are already bet on sports illegally.”. Lawyers for the four leagues and the NCAA will argue Oct. They’re stuck in the past, still believing that betting on sports draws undesirables and is somehow a threat to the integrity of the games themselves. Chris Christie signed a bill into law approving sports betting, only to see it derailed in court because it conflicts with federal law.

For now, though, the NBA and the other major sports leagues are lining up against betting in New Jersey. Depending on how a judge rules, it could soon become the first fully functioning — and fully legal — sports book in the country outside of Nevada.

“We’re built out and ready to go,” said Joe Asher, who heads operations for betting giant William Hill U.S. There’s no shortage of sports fans in the New Jersey/New York area, and bookmakers believe they will line up from opening day on with fistfuls of cash to wager on games.

New Jersey residents want it, voting overwhelmingly in 2011 to permit sports betting at race tracks and casinos. An end-run around the federal prohibition of sports betting in all but four states is once again in play.

The NFL, meanwhile, holds games every year in London where there are betting parlors on every block offering a line on the action. Gov.

It might not be long, though, before you can order an NFL three-teamer to go with that trifecta on the ponies.

There’s a brand new sports bar at Monmouth Park with televisions hanging from nearly every available rafter.

“Obviously we read with great interest Commissioner Silver’s comments,” said Asher, whose company runs more than 100 locations in Nevada and 2,400 shops in the United Kingdom