Arthritis 101: Dealing with the Pain

Arthritis is a condition that affects millions of people all over United States and the world. Unfortunately, there really isn’t a cure for arthritis, and it can be a crippling problem for severe sufferers. However, there are some things you can do to help reduce arthritis pain, especially when you first realize you have a problem. Use this quick guide to help you manage arthritis pain so you can go about your day to day tasks with relative comfort and ease.

1. Keep a supply of over the counter pain relievers like Advil, Ibuprofen or Motrin. These pain relievers may not be something you want to take multiple times per day, but they can help to manage the pain when it gets particularly bad, and they don’t have the side effects that more serious prescription painkillers can.

2. Avoid hard manual labor when your hands hurt. Things like gardening or typing on the computer can also be a problem and should be put off on particularly bad days. Limit your exposure to these activities as well.

3. Use heat to help reduce inflammation when it is particularly bad. Taking a bath in the evening can help, as can a heating pad when you’re trying to go to sleep or are at rest. Heat tends to work best when you’re inactive.

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How the Vestibular Disc Helps Improve Balance and Strengthen Muscles

Falls are one of the most present threats to the elderly and those with disabilities. Some do not have caretakers or family members who come to their houses each day to check on them, so falls are potentially fatal for them. The best way to address this is to invest in preventive accessories like the professional rehab equipment from

The best preventive measure comes through exercise. It strengthens muscles and improves reflexes so that those who are vulnerable can protect themselves when a fall is imminent. The vestibular disc, for example, is a good way to practice balance. It is placed on the floor, and those who use it can stand on it for measure periods of time to help improve balance. The vestibular disc works mostly because it makes a person better able to sense his own body and its movements. Additionally, this tool improves the strength in the lower extremities, as well.

Several discs can also be placed in a heavy walking area like the front entranceway to cushion steps. Once a person steps on these, he is able to activate several major muscles. Stepping on the small nubs that cover the surface of one side of the disc forces the muscles to tighten and brace for the added tension on the disc.

The fact that the vestibular disc is inflatable makes is a versatile exercise tool. It acts much like a gym ball. Users can practice catching it, sitting on it or lying across it to strengthen abdominal muscles and the lower back. One small disc contains a world of life-altering possibilities.

Finding a Chiropractor: Tips for New Patients

Finding a chiropraticien Ste Foy residents trust isn’t always an easy thing, and if you’ve never been to a chiropractor for even an adjustment, it can be hard to know where you should begin. However, there are some tips you can use to help you find a chiropractor that you can trust to treat your body the right way.

Use this brief guide to find a chiro Quebec residents put their trust in on a daily basis.

1. Ask friends and family for referrals. Before you pull out the phone book or do a random Google search, ask friends and family if they have somebody they trust as a chiropractor.

2. Get a reference from your regular doctor or GP if you need chiropractic services. In most cases, doctors have colleagues or even friends that they trust and work closely with in the health care system. If you like and trust your doctor, you may very well like their colleagues and build a lasting relationship with them too.

3. Go in for a consultation before you agree to any services being done. You need to make sure you like your chiropractor’s manner and feel comfortable in the office before committing to anything being done.

4. Find out about any prospective chiropractor’s specialty before you being treatment. Many are just general chiropractors, and if you have a simple problem like low back or shoulder pain, they may be right for you. Other doctors have a specialty though, and if you have a specific problem, someone who understands it well could be your best bet.

Don’t Lose Your Grip

Whether you are lifting weights, lifting heavy objects around the house or need to climb to reach tall objects at work, it is important that you have a good grip. If you slip and fall, you could be seriously injured and face a long recovery time. If you employ people who may have to take dangerous actions as part of their employment, it is imperative that you give them something to hold onto when they climb or lift objects to reduce the liability that you may face if they get hurt.

When you have a good grip, you can utilize good lifting form. This is important when working out because you want to do the exercise right even if you can only do a few reps. If you are lifting heavy objects at home or work, you want to make sure that you are lifting with your legs, lifting from a square base and can maintain that base as you move the object. Without a good grip, that is almost impossible to do.

You can shop for grips or other materials that can help your workout or other lifting or climbing needs online or at local retailers. If you buy goods online, you may be able to find them at lower prices and save money on shipping and handling at the same time.