Playing Baccarat Online: Free Tips and Rules Before You Play

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This article was posted on November 23, 2005

Options: Open the Options dialog box .

To get started click on a chip of desired value to select it, then move your cursor to the middle of the screen and click on any of the three areas on the table (player, banker or tie) to place your bet there. This is a general outline to playing the game of Baccarat online. You can also click Rebet to place the same bet as in the previous round.

Game History: This will show you the dates, bets and results of your previous game rounds.

You are now ready to begin playing online Baccarat. Click the Deal button and cards will be dealt and you will see the game result. Right clicking on the area removes one chip. Some of the features may differ depending on the online casino you choose to play with but this guide should give you a good understanding and provide you with the knowledge needed to get started.

New Game: This will start a new game round.

Lobby: Press this to exit the game and go back to lobby. Select another chip if you wish to increase the bet by some other amount. You can then click the Game History button to see the outcome of your previous round. Every click on the area adds one chip to the bet. Your play will still be valid and any winning will have been credited to your account.

Chat: Used too chat with other players, in multiplayer mode only. Good luck and, as always, please play smartly!

Help: This will provide you with help during game play or between game rounds.

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The standard button layout for online Baccarat us as follows:

Deal: This will deal out the cards, you must first place your bet.

If you are disconnected from the Internet in the middle of a m88 sport game, re-establish your Internet connection and log back into the casino. You can’t exit in the middle of a game round.

Rebet: Place the same bet as in the previous round and deal the cards.

Skip Turn: This will skip your turn when playing in multiplayer mode.

Now that you have placed your bet you are ready to deal. Click New Game if you wish to play again. You can place several chips into several areas at the same time.

Playing Baccarat Online: Free Tips and Rules Before You Play

by: John Tinney. Place your bets as described above and click Deal click here for more

Maximising your Chances with Fixed Odds Football Betting

The quality of the teams is reflected by their position in their league, when the season has stabilised and ‘all other things are equal’.. So, whilst in practice we could stake say 10p per combination, that is a big stake for 18,000 lines and we would not cover it with a win on account of the fixed odds (even if the bookie would take the bet), though we would in all probability have many winning lines if there were say 8 draws in the results.

Now, we could take the basic league positions as the guide to form, but this can change on a day to day basis for reasons unrelated to the team itself – for example by the results of other teams. That is the first part.

We Need a Staking Plan

Assessing Matches

Overall these are just averages – each week will be different and there will be some unexpected results.

Generally, most football teams perform in line with their recent results history. That is the second part.

However, if we were to lay a bet of 3 draws from 10 matches (120 separate bets), or 5 aways from 10 (252 separate bets) then we would likely get much better odds. In a 10 horse race, you have odds of 10/1 of picking the winner. Over the whole season (40 pools coupons), 45% of matches were home wins, 26% were away wins, and 27% were draws (score and non-score draws combined).

So, to maximise our chances of m88 online winning, whether it is the treble chance or fixed odds, we need a method to spread our stakes.  We do this using plans or perms, which enable us cover many combinations. After all, to forecast 3 draws from 49 matches on a random basis is quite a long shot (the odds are over 18,000 to 1). There are ways to reduce the odds and greatly improve the chances of winning. In some countries, fixed odds betting on a group of matches – for example picking 3 draws – is more popular than the Treble Chance (the British game of forecasting 8 score draws from 49 matches).

Then, we need a way of assessing each match in advance to arrive at a likely outcome, ideally being able to put a number to this so that we can compare one match with another and decide which is more likely to be a home win, a draw or an away win. So, we need to have a slightly more sophisticated system of assessing team performance which takes account of recent results (but how recent?). In this way we can arrive at a ranking for each of the 49 matches on a British coupon (which may of course cover Australian football matches during the British summer). This is because the odds are much longer; however, if we pick our 10 draw forecast carefully, then we can reduce the odds considerably, and still have the possibility of multiple winning lines.

How Many Draws?

Performance History

So, with a team performance measure, a way of comparing matches and the above statistics, we can start to ‘home in’ and where the draws might lie (or, for that matter, the homes and aways, if that is your betting preference).

(c) 2010 Phil Marks

Analysis of the 2009-2010 British football season gives us an idea of what the average outcomes are. This means that in general they will tend to lose against better teams, and win against poorer teams. With fixed odds betting, the bookie will have adjusted the payout odds to account (initially) for the likely outcomes, and the odds will drift depending on the stakes being placed. Fixed odds football pools betting is not basically different to the treble chance – or is it? Any form of betting requires that you minimise the odds against you, but with pools betting we have opportunities that, for example, betting on horses does not offer click here for more

Research and Markets: iGaming Business Directory – 2015 Edition

Listings of the top iGaming sites are provided for each gaming type ranked in order of popularity.

1,100 owner and operator profiles are included with associated gaming sites, thousands of owner executive contacts and a ranked list of owners based on traffic to their sites.

A directory is provided of 1,200 suppliers to the online gaming industry ranging from attorneys to back office support and marketing to turnkey solution providers.

Coverage of 150 online gaming jurisdictions are included with background information, regulatory agency and contact information, and sites operated from or regulated by the jurisdiction.

Companies Mentioned: 30 of the 200+ Companies Featured

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the “iGaming Business Directory – 2015 Edition” report to their offering.

A directory of 1,000 affiliate programs is provided with m88bet sites represented, affiliate managers, and other program details.

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500 game and platform software provider profiles are provided with the sites using the software, executive contacts, and software provider rankings based on the popularity of sites using their software.

Profiles for more than 3,000 online gaming sites are included with casino, poker, sports betting, bingo, lottery, skill game and financial market sites plus ranked lists of top sites by game.

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Trade associations

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Additional sections include information on:

A directory of more than 1,000 affiliate sites is incldued with game verticals, traffic rank, language, geographic focus and owner.

The Directory of iGaming sites includes casinos, poker rooms, sports books, bingo halls and betting sites, backgammon sites, skill games, lotteries, and forex sites with site name, URL, gaming activities, phone, fax, e-mail addresses, software developer, licensing jurisdiction, currencies, languages, deposit methods, and web traffic ranks

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How to Win at a Casino: Play Video Poker

You are then paid (or not) according to the payout table. Inevitably, you will fall upon a streak of losing. Exceptions are for very high-ranking hands. Look for machines that return 1 or over; they are hard to come by. Always remember that the advantage you may have is a long-term net profit that is highly susceptible to plenty of ups and downs. The question is: If the house edge is as low (even negative, as we will discuss) as it is, how come casinos keep it? One answer is the fact that, if played incorrectly, the house edge is actually quite high, even higher than some slot machines! In order to win gambling at video poker, you must employ proper video poker strategy.

The rules

Video poker has many variants, but they are mostly all related. You simply analyze all possible plays you can make with the cards you are dealt, and pick the highest on the list.

ar games. These strategies work by having a hierarchy of optimal plays, starting at the bottom with discarding everything, to the top of keeping all cards for the highest payout available. In order to do this, they must make sure you lose more than you win, and they do this by making all their games pay out less than the actual odds (what is known as the house advantage, or edge). Betting just isn’t any fun if you don’t do it responsibly.


Video poker has been a staple game in casinos since the 70s, and has emerged as one of the casino’s most popul

After playing a couple tens of hands, you should get a feel for what proper strategy is for your game. Bet responsibly, and good luck!

Finding profitable paytables

Unlike blackjack, a video poker machine with a potential player advantage is quite difficult to find. If you are ever unsure, check your cheat sheet list. I highly recommend this index of various video poker games and their optimal strategies to figure out how to play video poker to win. Don’t keep a 3-of-a-kind if you have 2 deuces, and don’t keep a 4-of-a-kind if you have 3 deuces.

Casinos are in their business for one reason: to make money. The standard video poker game, Jacks or Better, pays for any hand that is a pair of jacks or higher.


Always pick a non-ranking pair over a high card. However, next to the slots are sometimes machines that can give you the profit at the expense of the casino: video poker. You then hit deal, and all non-held cards are replaced with other cards from the deck. I highly recommend checking out the machines (either at a land-based casino or online), writing down the paytables, and plunking them into this analyzer by the Wizard of Odds. Do not bet any money you cannot afford to lose. However, you cannot abide by simple 5-Card Draw poker rules in order to make your video poker excursion pay off.


Although your choice to play video poker properly will, indeed, make you a winner, it is still a game of chance. The possibility of getting a three-of-a-kind or more far outweighs the safety net provided by the single high card getting matched.

In Deuces Wild, if you are dealt 2 deuces or more, you’ll most likely just keep the deuces. (For another game where the odds are in your favor, visit my page How to Win at a Casino: Play Blackjack with Card Counting.)

The hardest part is, really, just finding the best machine to play on. You are dealt five cards from a deck, and select which ones you would like to hold. If you cannot, get them as close to 1 as possible.. Most people who visit casinos are tourists who are eager to get a thrill by playing slot machines, which have a high house edge. The technicalities typically come with handling potential straight flushes. With the advent of the Internet, many gamblers have learned that the best way to play video poker is by finding high-paying machines. Conclusion

Hopefully you have a better picture of how you can win gambling with video poker. From the point of view of the casino, video poker can lose them money if too many people know optimal strategy, and thus they have had to replace higher-paying machines with lower-paying ones.

It’s clear that one incentive to play video poker is the simple rules, which has without a doubt led to its success. However, here’s two general rules of thumb that are typically applicable:

Employing optimal video poker strategy

If you’ve found a machine that gives you the best return for your money, all that’s left for you to do is figure out how to get it to pay those returns by using the proper strategy

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Popular Hobbies for Girls

Depending on the level of their interest, these hobbies could be made into their professions as well. As writing and reading also helps in many other ways, such as relieving your tensions and strengthening you emotionally, it could be a great hobby for teenage girls.

Since childhood and adolescence is the perfect age of learning new things and developing your interests, many parents and teachers inculcate hobbies in children. Woodworking

Even though this hobby is more of a “guy thing”, you can surely use it if you are interested in building things from wood. Even though there is no particular age to pursue your interests, starting them at an early age is always advisable.

The mechanism of humans having hobbies is very interesting to know. When you excel in it, you receive appreciation, because of which you want to continue practicing that special interest. One way of making good use of this facility is to harbor your interest in writing or poetry by blogging. There are so many culinary secrets waiting to be revealed, and if you love cooking, this is what you should do. Sure, it sounds boring and slow, but if you like to use your creativity in color scheming, this is surely where you could use it. Their talents as writers are appreciated, which is definitely a healthy use of the Internet. In the paragraphs below, we have a list of hobbies and interests which you could use, so read on and take your pick.

Jewelry Making

Another way to channel your creativity is to make beautiful and attractive jewelry, such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. One of these is knitting as a hobby. There are various types of hobbies which kids can follow. They are stress-busters that help in keeping a calm mind so that you are physically and emotionally healthy. Using various types of wood, you could create many new objects, such as tables, chairs, toys, shelves, and other furniture. Therefore, girls are subjected to sports, books, art and drama, languages, pottery, and other interests in schools and colleges. Blogs help teenage girls to get an audience for their short stories, articles, or poetry. But, you will surely have to work slightly hard in this hobby, as holding equipment for wood working could be a difficult thing. For a group of young girls, this one’s surely one of the fun hobbies.


Other than matching your clothes, shoes, makeup, and accessories with each other, there are many other interesting things young teenage girls can indulge in. Because of that affection, you put in your whole heart and concentration in doing it perfectly, and eventually might even excel in it. So, find out what’s that one thing that is meant only for you and go ahead with it.

. Like I said earlier, you need to know what you like first and the rest will follow. Hobbies are activities that one enjoys performing irrespective of their professional or personal barriers. Using various color combinations could make this job easy. They are very easy to make and all you need is some unique designs and patterns. You can use your creativity in baking by preparing unique cakes and cookies, with lovely toppings and decorations; while in cooking, you could use it in discovering various new flavors and spices, which can affect the taste of any particular dish. However, if you are ready to create in the true sense of the word, then go for it!


All teenagers are used to using the Internet very often for various purposes, such as networking, finding information, enrolling to online courses, etc. When you discover that you like doing something, you develop an affection towards it. There are many types of handmade jewelry which you could try making, such as hemp jewelry, bead loom jewelry, stone jewelry, etc., and these could be sold as well. Making beautiful woolen scarves, mufflers, sweaters, booties, caps, etc., could be a time-consuming as well as economical hobby for starters.

Baking and Cooking

As a natural instinct in women, baking and cooking various delicious foods is also one of the most popular hobbies for girls. There are many cuisines throughout the world, which I am sure you are waiting to learn more about.

With such a variety of hobbies for girls, you could choose any of them and start right away. When you are at a learning age, such as teenage, developing an interest and using it to strike a balance is very essential click here for more

Did anyone grow up completely uninterested in books and reading?

It’s rare, but there are writers who read not so much as an article, forum post, or email unless they absolutely have to.

. If you didn’t, you’d likely watch videos instead or do whatever else it is that non-readers do to stay aware of the wider world.

Ah, but you still love reading. I’m a science, technology, and social issues news junkie as well as a fiction, non-fiction, and textbook reading junkie.

That’s why this topic is fascinating, because it’s so unusual that one almost immediately tries to figure out what type of reading writers who dislike reading actually do like click here for more

The Art of a Winning an Unfair Game

Whilst I’m not surprised their methodologies were considered strange to start, it does surprise me reading the later chapters how much resistance there still was to change even after the book was released with opponents quick to jump on any reason to question the overall use. Statistics are huge in many sports but in one such as baseball, the whole game can be broke down to individualistic impacts and as such, the stats take even greater precedence. I am certain that experiencing a game with friends at Yankee Stadium or Fenway Park must be a great time and if I ever have the opportunity I am sure to take it (I am just admiring friends photos on Facebook from recent visit to see Seattle Mariners). There is though one popular US sport that I have never really been able to get in to, Baseball.

That said, despite my aversion towards the sport, there is one story that has been on intrigue to me for a couple of years. Despite regularly having one of the lowest wage bills in the league, the team kept ‘overperforming’ reaching the playoffs several years on the trot. The concept of using analysis in baseball wasn’t a new idea but with Beane it found it’s way in to the game properly for the first time, much to the annoyance of the traditionalists in the sport who put undue focus on certain attributes and skills that mathematically had been proved to be less important.. However, the longer people fought the system, the longer the A’s kept an edge.

. By analysing historic trends and looking for the key statistics, the Oakland A’s were able to pick up players overlooked by other clubs and build their success. However, just like the sport of cricket over here in the UK, from what I have seen of the sport there is too much time when little is happening, team interplay is reduced and it is also one of those sports that I struggle with when the stars can be overweight as to me sports people should be prime specimens! (Also as a non-North American, I have always taken some umbrage with an event being called the World Series when it only includes North American teams!)

A cursory glance through my other hubs will show I am a bit of a sports nut with my views on football (soccer), rugby and rowing among others! However, my horizons don’t just extend to those sports popular here in the UK and I have more than a passing interest in American sports like Ice Hockey, Basketball and, to a lesser extent (and mainly when I have just been watching something like Friday Night Lights or The Blindside!) American Football. When I was looking for a new book to read and was perusing an article of the best sports books this book ranked high and I thought it would be a good read.

If you are unaware of the story behind Moneyball, it is a true life look into the relative success of the Oakland Athletics MLB team in the early 2000′s. The author of this book originally set out to look in to why this was and over time it formed in to the book you read today that focuses on the management team headed up by Billy Beane and how they used scientific methodology to upset the odds. I’d never heard of Beane at this time but became aware of how he had managed to gain relative success on a lower budget in the MLB and whilst I personally saw a lot of differences as well, I could see where there would be a link. The majority shareholder in my football team, Arsenal, is American Stan Kroenke (also owner of US franchises such as St Louis Rams in NFL and Denver Nuggets in the NBA) and a couple of years ago, in a rare interview he mentioned how Billy Beane was a big fan of our longstanding manager, Arsene Wenger. This interest was spiked further when in 2011 a film adaptation of this very book was released staring Brad Pitt, a film I have subsequently bought and watched click here for more

Charming And Paramount In Its Class Location

Bangalore based Prestige Estates & Projects is soon expected to launch ‘Prestige Misty Waters’ a luxury projects with world class design & amenities. Tags: Prestige Royal gardens, Prestige Royal gardens BangaloreInnovative Ways To Earn Loyal Event Attendees By: Events Bot – No one ever wishes to attend an event that is exactly the same each year and has nothing new for anyone.

Prestige Misty Waters are yet another landmark by the famous Prestige builder at a green city of Bangalore. If you are a first time investor, then this house project will serve you the best with all sorts of luxuries at doorsteps and at affordable rates. For Booking Call us on: @ +91 8971315026 and Visit Out official site

Article Published On: – Arts-and-Entertainment. ft.

The project is located at Hebbel near to Mandate Embassy Business Park which houses IT majors like IBM, Nokia, Siemens, Lucent, Philips, etc. The project is spread across a sprawling 5.5 acres plot overlooking the Niagara Lake providing a breath taking view of the lake. Reside on Prestige Falcon City Kanaka … Lush greenery, artful design and thoughtful landscaping are some of the highlights of this project. By: akansha tyagi – The terrace and kitchen have anti-skid flooring and of flip design. Shimla is the capital of lovely Indian state, Himachal Pradesh. Continue reading more. Tags: Shimla Manali Tour, Discover the, Beauty of NatureOutstanding 2 Bed And 3 Bed Units By: akansha tyagi – The invention of sophisticated technologies has always cared for peoples comfort and as a result of this a huge gap lies with the antique way of living and the modernized culture. This premium high rise house project offers a alternative of 2/3/4 BEDROOM flats in the area ranging from 1133 sq ft to 2419 sq ft. Play mobile blackjack no deposit and win real cash. Lush greenery, artful design and thoughtful landscaping are some of the highlights of this project. Up on offer is a combination of 2, 3, and 4 bah flats area ranging from 1133 – 2419 sq. making it a desired living space near to the workplace & an excellent investment too. It is the most beautiful slope station in India and is rightly called as “Ruler … This premium high rise house project offers a alternative of 2/3/4 BEDROOM flats in the area ranging from sq ft to. What calls event attendees back to the event year after year is the excitement and curiosity of experiencing something new.Tags: event creator online, event management servicesTp-link Tl-mr6400 4g Lte Router By: Jack – TP-Link TL-MR6400 4G LTE RouterTags: Ways To Win At Blackjack – The Secret Of Blackjack By: Kain Black – Get the best free mobile blackjack offers from the best mobile casinos. Providing to be able to enjoy natures beauty the flats have tactically developed balconies for scenery garden opinions and eye attractive environment. In between, the prices of property have always kept a worrying factor for th … Prestige Silver Oak, Prestige Silver Oak Bangalore from past couple of years offering to Book Prestige New Projects in Bangalore. If you are a first time investor, then this house project will serve you the best with all sorts of luxuries at doorsteps and at affordable rates.

Tags: luxury cruise ships, tropical vacation destinations, caribbe

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Property mart is leading Real estate Consultant in Bangalore. Whether you are a beginner student or an advanced one, having a good teacher to train you consistently and help you improve your … Tucked in 200 meters away from the ORR, makes the address more tranquil and cut away from the hustle and bustle. Located at Hebbel, off ORR, Prestige Misty Waters Bangalore is in very closer proximity to the major parts of the city yet enabling a pollution free verve in a calm and serene environment. Located at Hebbel, off ORR, Prestige Misty Waters Bangalore is in very closer proximity to the major parts of the city yet enabling a pollution Prestige Silver Oak verve in a calm and serene environment. which are carefully planned with world-class design and constructional features. Hayward Pool Products For Ultimate Pool Experience By: businesssolution93 – Choosing a store that is dedicated to this specific piece of furniture and which offers you the option to buy mattress online will give you the right information that you need in order to buy a high quality and reasonably priced mattress .Tags: Hayward Pool Products, Hayward Pool Products CanadaShimla Manali Tour “” Discover The Beauty Of Nature By: Dayindelhi – Shimla, a standout amongst the most excellent scenes in India is as often as possible went to by the nature beaus. This classy homes is a place where modern day opulence prevails and happiness multiplies yet cherishing every single moment. Play mobile blackjack.Tags: Best Mobile BlackjackChoosing A Piano Teacher By: Jazz Tan – If your instrument of choice is the piano, then you will probably be seeking a piano teacher who can help you fulfill your goals. Tags: keyboard lessons singapore, piano lessons singapore, keyboard teachers singapore, piano teachers singaporeFine Art Photography Prints “” Basic Information! By: GLF – In this article basic things about finding fine art photography prints are discussed.Tags: fine art photography printsUltimate Caribbean Island Vacation Honeymoon Packages For You By: Jones Zeta – Nothing could be most captivating than getting hitched on a standout amongst the most sentimental islands, ‘Caribbean Island.’ Tying the bunch on such an entrancing island will clearly blow your mind. This classy homes is a place where modern day opulence prevails and happiness multiplies yet cherishing every single moment.

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By: akansha tyagi

Prestige Misty Waters are yet another landmark by the famous Prestige builder at a green city of Bangalore. which are carefully planned with world-class design and constructional features. An inimitable combination of style and functionality Prestige Misty Waters brings to you a dwelling which is futuristic with the best comfort click here for more

Casino-Gaming :: What is Middling a Sports Bet

It is called middling your bet. Now that you know how to begin, here’s practical example of what might be happening.

However, the best scenario is something that is quite common here. It has become a common practice now a days and it is making a lot of money for bettors who are successfully doing this.

Sports betting has been around for decades now and it is always growing in popularity. In this case, the second half became totally risk free for you and you were able to win on both bets. However, be warned that you are going to need some cash to do this. Say team A is around 20-3 at halftime, but team B fights back nonetheless, losing at 28-21. During the halftime, you see that team A is winning 20-3 and the line at halftime is team B -2.5. You place bets on the opposing side at different counters and make it so that your chances of losing money are minimized and your chances of winning money is maximized. Team A covered the -4 for the game and you got your -2.5 on team B as well.

So you successfully bet and won two bets for the same game and you did it at a very low to no risk at all.

Let us assume that you are betting on team A at home against Team B for the home at -4. If you really think that A is not going to win even though the large lead, you can place a bet on B. The concept behind middling is quite simple. There are thousands of places where a person can bet and professional sports like baseball, football and basketball make for the most popular events to bet upon. Although that might sound like a bettor’s paradise, it is actually quite possible. Those who bet professionally need to understand the calculations behind the bet. A bookie of course won’t like it but then again you will be betting on different stands. This is a kind of safety net that you buy for yourself and make sure that no matter what the outcome is; you are safe and only stand to lose a little money at the worst. However, if B finally does lose and A emerges winner, you will only lose the bet on B and will win your original bet on A, but this is really the worst that can happen to you.

In case B stages a comeback in the second half and lose only about 23-20, your second bet will really help you out to cover the damages on the original bet so that you do not lose all your money and only a small amount.

Once you have an understanding of these things you can start betting with a popular new addition to sports betting. That is because you are placing two bets instead of one. Here is where you can change things for yourself. They need to understand the values of spreads and betting lines. click here for more

Super Bowl Illegal bets may top $4 Billion; It’s time to legalize sports betting

Also daily lotteries, Mega Millions, Power Ball and local state run games are everywhere, yet sports seems to be a taboo for one reason or another. According to the American Gaming Association, Americans will wager about $3.8 billion dollars illegally on the big game this upcoming Sunday, Feb. Even NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said last September at a Bloomberg Sports Business Summit that legal sports gambling throughout the U.S. One thing is for sure, Las Vegas sports books know that no matter who wins this super match-up it will lead to a super chunk of money wagered on the game. 1, the Washington-based casino industry trade group said.

When you think of how much money could legally be generated from legalizing sports wagering on the “big four” sports (NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA) it is almost comical NOT to legalize it – especially when you look at what people can wager on already today. The Patriots and Seahawks are so evenly matched that not many experts are sure who will win the big game this Sunday. is inevitable.

“Sports gaming should be brought out of the underground and into the sunlight where it can be appropriately monitored and regulated. Conference of Mayors in Washington.

The 2015 Super Bowl match-up is truly one for the ages.

Legalize sports wagering, tax the players when they win just like any other gaming situation would, and watch the revenue roll in. Most states have a casino or two in them where you can wagers on almost anything under the sun. Surprisingly, a lot more money will be wagered illegally on Super Bowl XLIX then will be legally, which has to make one think – why isn’t sports gambling legal already?

According to American Gaming Association, you can legally bet on sports in four states – Nevada, Oregon, Delaware, and Montana. reported was wagered on the Super Bowl last season, and it has to make sports gamblers across the country shake their heads at why sports gambling isn’t legal in other states. Silver said in a New York Times post.

Now, compare that to the $119.4 million the Nevada Gaming Control Board. on the Super Bowl could top $4 billion this weekend.

Legalizing sports wagering could literally help the US with many financial problems and possibly prevent higher state and national taxes every year for the same things, such as fixing the roads. The AGA is examining if they should extend that option to other states.. Yes, that’s billion with a capital B! If so, that would be almost 38 times more than Nevada casinos typically accept in wagers on the National Football League championship. According to a MSN (Bloomberg) report, illegal betting in the U.S.

The AGA is closely examining the current state of sports betting, the laws that govern it and the best way forward for the gaming industry, Geoff Freeman, the AGAs president and chief executive officer, said in e-mailed remarks shared today at a meeting of the U.S click here for more

UK Online Gambling Dominated by Women Players

The report also cracked the suspense for this increment. It has recently announced of completing a survey which showed the statistic of the proportion of female online casino players in the United Kingdom and their preferences. Melissa Lavigne-Delville, of Women at NBCU, said that 75% of the women are active users of the internet and are determining how the digital space is developing. As online casinos are one of the key factors in swelling the UKs financial statistics, so without any doubt, this has been a reality only because of active participation of females in all form of games present on their websites.

Author’s Bio:

In this article Serah Jacob, explores some of the exclusive women friendly online bingo sites like 888 Ladies Bingo, Little Miss Bingo etc. The number of women in online casinos is matching the number of men involved in online casinos. The Hitwise compared the surveys result in 2007 with that at present.

Similarly, NBCU published that women are getting more tech-savvy than men. The survey was conducted across all the UKs online casinos. Reports of spiking figures of women oriented online gambling sites by Belle Rock are a sign of this trend.. The survey also revealed that women are more likely to purchase a smart phone app and Nintendo Wii. According to the most recent British Gambling Preference Survey figures, the Belle Rock press release said that men diverted from their gambling activities much more than women. Unfolding the numbers, the Belle Rock Entertainment press release revealed that 48.38% of players in 2011 were female, and 51.62% were male. Online gambling sites have been making money by following this trend by putting out female online casinos and online bingo halls suited to ladies.

In the internet gambling world, The Belle Rock online casino group is one of the oldest and most successful names. They give an environment in which women feel safe. Its survey revealed that 54% of women in the US own a smart phone, whereas men have just a figure of 46%. The survey was carried out by Hitwise, the world’s largest sample of online consumer search and behavior intelligence. The males preferred for online poker, roulette and sports betting, whereas the females were a staunch supporter of online slots and bingo games. And ponders the reason behind bingo being associated with women the most.

Belle Rock Entertainment also revealed that males and females browsed different types of online gambling sites. It is extremely convenient for ladies, who wish to gamble online, to access online casinos. The number has rocketed a mind boggling quadruple time from 2007 to 2010. With women numbers already being twice that of men, it is already clear that online bingo games is fast becoming a female dominated game.

The results unfolded a stunning revelation of the numbers of women playing online casino games in the UK. Generations after generation women have drastically involved themselves in all the fields that were once dominated by their male counterparts click here for more

Arbitrage Betting Techniques Helps to Earn Money

It is these types of free-thinking bookmakers that allow for heavy arbitrage betting taking place. Therefore, what is arbitrage betting, exactly? This type of betting means that when it comes to a sporting match, the gambler places a wager on several aspects of the match, with different bookmakers. But in the modern world of sports betting, we have even more tools at our disposal than ever, and not taking advantage of them means youre not doing everything you can do to win. However, its not something that is heavily guarded against, as in general terms, each bookmaker still feels they win in an overall sense after all, you are just playing their odds you win on the differing numbers between bookies. Well, yes, it is legal, although some bookmakers will not take your bet if they suspect arbitrage betting. While this sounds like an insane waste of money, the idea behind it is that, regardless of what is being bet, the bettor is still going to get a profit no matter who wins the game. Now, were not going to go into the math here, as it can be long and somewhat complicated, but trust us when we tell you that arbitrage betting situations can and do exist all the time. And if that happens, depending on the difference and the bets offered, one could feasibly bet both sides of an event with competing bookmakers, and guarantee a small profit no matter who wins. Successful sports betting takes a feel for the game youre betting on, a lot of knowledge about injuries and trends, and an understanding of the odds. It can be a complicated formula, but if you are interested in arbitrage betting, we encourage you to read up on the subject. And thats where your friendly independent bookmaker comes in.The ones that will tend to go against the grain and give odds on what they personally think, and not the established odds. Any type of sporting event that has a gambling factor to it, there is always some kind of interesting and unusual bet that can be made.

The basic premise is the odds between two bookmakers may differ. It usually takes a hefty cash layout to participate, but, if you feel its a sure thing, well, why not? If you are sporting enthusiasts, and you would like to put a little wager on some event or think that you can predict successfully, then you can earn some bucks by using the arbitrage betting systems.

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. Nowadays, there are an unlimited number of computer simulations and formulas designed to rank and rate teams in just about every sport you can think of and with a little thought, its easy to see how you can utilize them when making sports picks. One of the more daring wagers that a bettor can do is called arbitrage betting. And, of course, bet enough money and a small profit becomes a big one. This is also referred to as a sure win bet.

Sports betting have always been part art, part science. Win, lose, low point spread, high point spread, you name it. Of course, with this type of wager, one needs to be seriously adventurous. The big key to arbitrage betting is to find differing odds amongst different bookmakers. Combine all of those, and you might just come out on top click here for more

Odds comparison help you win

In no time you can save a great deal of money and you will be able to take your family in a little vacation or allow yourselves other little treats. What you should really take into consideration are the odds comparison. In just a matter of seconds and with just a couple of clicks you could do so. Checking out the dropping odds will prevent you from betting on the wrong team or sports person and stop losing all that money that you usually lose when betting and basing on your own intuition.

One of the main things that you should keep in mind when placing bets is the fact that you should not choose the team according to your own preferences. Placing bets has become a regular thing and tends to become more and more popular due to the fact that, with the right bet, you can win a great deal of money and you can also make the bets right from the comfort of your home. In order to avoid losing a great deal of money and really find pleasure in placing bets you ought to consider odds comparison. Not only will you have financial benefits, you will also start to have the satisfaction of winning. The thing is that most of the times we bet based on our intuition and very rarely happens that we manage to win something. How so? There are specialized websites that offer you a wide range of information related to odds comparison as well as the dropping odds from many sports. You can learn how to do the entire process of betting right from the website and before you even know it your betting account will start to increase significantly.

With just a couple of clicks you can gain access to a multitude of odds. Both of them help you relax and enjoy little pleasures of life. You will be able to see which team has most chances of winning and by which score as well. I know that you may believe the fact that, in time, betting can become addictive but fun is also addictive, isn’t it? So what is the big difference? There isn’t any if you asked me.

Once you decide taking your betting pleasure on another level take into consideration finding the website that will give you the possibility to check out the dropping odds. The best thing about the website is the fact that it is always updated, you can always check out the dropping odds and decide when to bet and which team or sports person to bet on.

We all enjoy the adrenaline that we feel whenever we place a sports bet. Only after checking out the odds comparison will you be able to make a correct decision regarding the betting. This will only lead to losing a lot more money. You can also check out the dropping odds and the upcoming events from many sports like football, tennis or basketball. So do not hesitate to search for the online betting odds providers.

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If you are searching for odds comparison you can start your hunt online. There you can check out the dropping odds, the sports and the upcoming events as well.

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Bears’ WR Sam Hurd facing federal drug charges –

Federal agents said the case began in Dallas in July on a tip from an informant and investigators subsequently found $88,000 cash in the trunk of a car belonging to Hurd.

Bears players and officials said Thursday they were stunned by the news and coach Lovie Smith said the first inkling of the case came when Hurd didn’t show up for practice.

Contributing: Associated Press. The investigation began in Dallas last summer before Hurd signed a three-year deal with the Bears worth up to $5.15 million.

Hurd, dressed in a gray T-shirt and dark jeans, appeared before Judge Young B. District Court in a five-minute hearing late Thurday afternoon. ET Friday, at which time he is expected to be released on bail for further proceedings, which will be moved to Texas.

“Sam stands ready to fight this case,” said Brett Greenfield, Hurd’s attorney, who met after the hearing with prosecutors to discuss conditions of bail.

According the criminal complaint, Hurd told an undercover federal agent at a suburban restaurant Wednesday he was interested in buying five to 10 kilograms (2.2 pounds per kilo) of cocaine weekly to distribute in the Chicago area. He took a kilogram of cocaine with the promise to pay for it after Bears practice Thursday, and was arrested after he put it in his car.

At the meeting, Hurd told the agent he worked with a partner who handled the majority of the sales while he concentrated on “higher-end deals,” the complaint said. He answered “Yes, sir” in a low voice to the judge’s questions whether he understood his rights.

The hearing was continued until 3 p.m. Kim in U.S. By Mike Dodd, USA TODAY


CHICAGO Chicago Bears wide receiver Sam Hurd remained in custody Thursday night following his hearing in federal court on allegations he tried to establish a network that would sell more than 10 pounds of cocaine and 1,000 pounds of marijuana a week.

In his first year with the Bears, WR Sam Hurd (81) had eight catches while also playing on special teams.Rob Grabowski, US Presswire

In his first year with the Bears, WR Sam Hurd (81) had eight catches while also playing on special teams.

In his first year with the Bears, WR Sam Hurd (81) had eight catches while also playing on special teams.

Rob Grabowski, US Presswire

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Hurd was arrested Wednesday, charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine click here for more