Playing Baccarat Online: Free Tips and Rules Before You Play

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This article was posted on November 23, 2005

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To get started click on a chip of desired value to select it, then move your cursor to the middle of the screen and click on any of the three areas on the table (player, banker or tie) to place your bet there. This is a general outline to playing the game of Baccarat online. You can also click Rebet to place the same bet as in the previous round.

Game History: This will show you the dates, bets and results of your previous game rounds.

You are now ready to begin playing online Baccarat. Click the Deal button and cards will be dealt and you will see the game result. Right clicking on the area removes one chip. Some of the features may differ depending on the online casino you choose to play with but this guide should give you a good understanding and provide you with the knowledge needed to get started.

New Game: This will start a new game round.

Lobby: Press this to exit the game and go back to lobby. Select another chip if you wish to increase the bet by some other amount. You can then click the Game History button to see the outcome of your previous round. Every click on the area adds one chip to the bet. Your play will still be valid and any winning will have been credited to your account.

Chat: Used too chat with other players, in multiplayer mode only. Good luck and, as always, please play smartly!

Help: This will provide you with help during game play or between game rounds.

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The standard button layout for online Baccarat us as follows:

Deal: This will deal out the cards, you must first place your bet.

If you are disconnected from the Internet in the middle of a m88 sport game, re-establish your Internet connection and log back into the casino. You can’t exit in the middle of a game round.

Rebet: Place the same bet as in the previous round and deal the cards.

Skip Turn: This will skip your turn when playing in multiplayer mode.

Now that you have placed your bet you are ready to deal. Click New Game if you wish to play again. You can place several chips into several areas at the same time.

Playing Baccarat Online: Free Tips and Rules Before You Play

by: John Tinney. Place your bets as described above and click Deal click here for more

Maximising your Chances with Fixed Odds Football Betting

The quality of the teams is reflected by their position in their league, when the season has stabilised and ‘all other things are equal’.. So, whilst in practice we could stake say 10p per combination, that is a big stake for 18,000 lines and we would not cover it with a win on account of the fixed odds (even if the bookie would take the bet), though we would in all probability have many winning lines if there were say 8 draws in the results.

Now, we could take the basic league positions as the guide to form, but this can change on a day to day basis for reasons unrelated to the team itself – for example by the results of other teams. That is the first part.

We Need a Staking Plan

Assessing Matches

Overall these are just averages – each week will be different and there will be some unexpected results.

Generally, most football teams perform in line with their recent results history. That is the second part.

However, if we were to lay a bet of 3 draws from 10 matches (120 separate bets), or 5 aways from 10 (252 separate bets) then we would likely get much better odds. In a 10 horse race, you have odds of 10/1 of picking the winner. Over the whole season (40 pools coupons), 45% of matches were home wins, 26% were away wins, and 27% were draws (score and non-score draws combined).

So, to maximise our chances of m88 online winning, whether it is the treble chance or fixed odds, we need a method to spread our stakes.  We do this using plans or perms, which enable us cover many combinations. After all, to forecast 3 draws from 49 matches on a random basis is quite a long shot (the odds are over 18,000 to 1). There are ways to reduce the odds and greatly improve the chances of winning. In some countries, fixed odds betting on a group of matches – for example picking 3 draws – is more popular than the Treble Chance (the British game of forecasting 8 score draws from 49 matches).

Then, we need a way of assessing each match in advance to arrive at a likely outcome, ideally being able to put a number to this so that we can compare one match with another and decide which is more likely to be a home win, a draw or an away win. So, we need to have a slightly more sophisticated system of assessing team performance which takes account of recent results (but how recent?). In this way we can arrive at a ranking for each of the 49 matches on a British coupon (which may of course cover Australian football matches during the British summer). This is because the odds are much longer; however, if we pick our 10 draw forecast carefully, then we can reduce the odds considerably, and still have the possibility of multiple winning lines.

How Many Draws?

Performance History

So, with a team performance measure, a way of comparing matches and the above statistics, we can start to ‘home in’ and where the draws might lie (or, for that matter, the homes and aways, if that is your betting preference).

(c) 2010 Phil Marks

Analysis of the 2009-2010 British football season gives us an idea of what the average outcomes are. This means that in general they will tend to lose against better teams, and win against poorer teams. With fixed odds betting, the bookie will have adjusted the payout odds to account (initially) for the likely outcomes, and the odds will drift depending on the stakes being placed. Fixed odds football pools betting is not basically different to the treble chance – or is it? Any form of betting requires that you minimise the odds against you, but with pools betting we have opportunities that, for example, betting on horses does not offer click here for more

Research and Markets: iGaming Business Directory – 2015 Edition

Listings of the top iGaming sites are provided for each gaming type ranked in order of popularity.

1,100 owner and operator profiles are included with associated gaming sites, thousands of owner executive contacts and a ranked list of owners based on traffic to their sites.

A directory is provided of 1,200 suppliers to the online gaming industry ranging from attorneys to back office support and marketing to turnkey solution providers.

Coverage of 150 online gaming jurisdictions are included with background information, regulatory agency and contact information, and sites operated from or regulated by the jurisdiction.

Companies Mentioned: 30 of the 200+ Companies Featured

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the “iGaming Business Directory – 2015 Edition” report to their offering.

A directory of 1,000 affiliate programs is provided with m88bet sites represented, affiliate managers, and other program details.

For more information visit

500 game and platform software provider profiles are provided with the sites using the software, executive contacts, and software provider rankings based on the popularity of sites using their software.

Profiles for more than 3,000 online gaming sites are included with casino, poker, sports betting, bingo, lottery, skill game and financial market sites plus ranked lists of top sites by game.

1 Live Casino


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1S Casino

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21 Dukes

21 Grand Casino

357 payment methods

255 payment processors

Trade associations

Trade shows

Trade publications.

Additional sections include information on:

A directory of more than 1,000 affiliate sites is incldued with game verticals, traffic rank, language, geographic focus and owner.

The Directory of iGaming sites includes casinos, poker rooms, sports books, bingo halls and betting sites, backgammon sites, skill games, lotteries, and forex sites with site name, URL, gaming activities, phone, fax, e-mail addresses, software developer, licensing jurisdiction, currencies, languages, deposit methods, and web traffic ranks

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How to Win at a Casino: Play Video Poker

You are then paid (or not) according to the payout table. Inevitably, you will fall upon a streak of losing. Exceptions are for very high-ranking hands. Look for machines that return 1 or over; they are hard to come by. Always remember that the advantage you may have is a long-term net profit that is highly susceptible to plenty of ups and downs. The question is: If the house edge is as low (even negative, as we will discuss) as it is, how come casinos keep it? One answer is the fact that, if played incorrectly, the house edge is actually quite high, even higher than some slot machines! In order to win gambling at video poker, you must employ proper video poker strategy.

The rules

Video poker has many variants, but they are mostly all related. You simply analyze all possible plays you can make with the cards you are dealt, and pick the highest on the list.

ar games. These strategies work by having a hierarchy of optimal plays, starting at the bottom with discarding everything, to the top of keeping all cards for the highest payout available. In order to do this, they must make sure you lose more than you win, and they do this by making all their games pay out less than the actual odds (what is known as the house advantage, or edge). Betting just isn’t any fun if you don’t do it responsibly.


Video poker has been a staple game in casinos since the 70s, and has emerged as one of the casino’s most popul

After playing a couple tens of hands, you should get a feel for what proper strategy is for your game. Bet responsibly, and good luck!

Finding profitable paytables

Unlike blackjack, a video poker machine with a potential player advantage is quite difficult to find. If you are ever unsure, check your cheat sheet list. I highly recommend this index of various video poker games and their optimal strategies to figure out how to play video poker to win. Don’t keep a 3-of-a-kind if you have 2 deuces, and don’t keep a 4-of-a-kind if you have 3 deuces.

Casinos are in their business for one reason: to make money. The standard video poker game, Jacks or Better, pays for any hand that is a pair of jacks or higher.


Always pick a non-ranking pair over a high card. However, next to the slots are sometimes machines that can give you the profit at the expense of the casino: video poker. You then hit deal, and all non-held cards are replaced with other cards from the deck. I highly recommend checking out the machines (either at a land-based casino or online), writing down the paytables, and plunking them into this analyzer by the Wizard of Odds. Do not bet any money you cannot afford to lose. However, you cannot abide by simple 5-Card Draw poker rules in order to make your video poker excursion pay off.


Although your choice to play video poker properly will, indeed, make you a winner, it is still a game of chance. The possibility of getting a three-of-a-kind or more far outweighs the safety net provided by the single high card getting matched.

In Deuces Wild, if you are dealt 2 deuces or more, you’ll most likely just keep the deuces. (For another game where the odds are in your favor, visit my page How to Win at a Casino: Play Blackjack with Card Counting.)

The hardest part is, really, just finding the best machine to play on. You are dealt five cards from a deck, and select which ones you would like to hold. If you cannot, get them as close to 1 as possible.. Most people who visit casinos are tourists who are eager to get a thrill by playing slot machines, which have a high house edge. The technicalities typically come with handling potential straight flushes. With the advent of the Internet, many gamblers have learned that the best way to play video poker is by finding high-paying machines. Conclusion

Hopefully you have a better picture of how you can win gambling with video poker. From the point of view of the casino, video poker can lose them money if too many people know optimal strategy, and thus they have had to replace higher-paying machines with lower-paying ones.

It’s clear that one incentive to play video poker is the simple rules, which has without a doubt led to its success. However, here’s two general rules of thumb that are typically applicable:

Employing optimal video poker strategy

If you’ve found a machine that gives you the best return for your money, all that’s left for you to do is figure out how to get it to pay those returns by using the proper strategy

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Benefits of Online Pokies

By playing online pokies, you are able to play pokie games whenever you feel like it without restrictions. Establishments which offer pokie games do so only at very specific hours and if you want to play outside those hours, online pokies are the only solution.

Pokies or poker machines and slot machines to give them their full name are something which are very popular at the moment. If you are used to playing pokies offline, then online pokies should be no challenge for you and you will probably find that they are a much better way for you to gamble.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of online pokies is that they are so much more convenient than their offline counterparts. These games are great fun and very popular but they are not as convenient or as much fun as online pokies can be.

It is often the case that online pokies offer much higher jackpots than those that you may find in the local betting shop for example. If you are a fan of poker machines, you should definitely consider trying out online pokies, once you so, you’ll never turn back.

Author’s Bio: 

Higher Wins

Convenience offers a unique poker experience for the online gambler. Sites which offer online pokies tend to get many more players as anyone in the world can log on and play and this enables the companies to offer much higher jackpots, so playing online pokies could definitely mean bigger wins for you, providing that you choose the very best online pokie sites to play at.

As you can see, playing online pokies has several very real advantages over playing offline. As poker and gambling enjoyed something of a surge in popularity over the last few years, more betting shops, casinos etc started to install video poker machines and slots which allow customers to play a game of virtual poker for cash. To learn more about Online Pokies visit their website today.

Online pokies are great fun and a much more convenient way to enjoy a fun game of poker or slot machines from the comfort of your own home at any time of the day or night. It is obviously much quicker and easier to simply fire up your computer and play online pokies than it is to travel to the nearest establishment which offers pokies.

24/7 click here for more

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Casino-Gaming :: Video Poker Machines – How to pick the right machine and win.

This is a payback percentage of 100%. Find a single deck video poker slot machine.. Perfect play is considered while playing all the odds so you get the best cards dealt to you at the right time and making the right decisions while playing. It is a very stable platform and is becoming popular oversees because of its age. Typically you can find the higher payback video poker machines on a bar top in the casino, but this is not always the case.

The single game video pokers are becoming outdated and hard to find repair parts for. Get all of your classic video poker games with this slot machine. If you can, stay away from these machines. There are many different types of machines that you can purchase. The best bet is the newer multi-game platform video pokers. A Bally Game Maker is a 10 game touch screen platform where you can mix, slots, table games and keno. Just because you are playing video poker with a 97% payback or higher, doesn’t mean you will win, it just helps increase your odds of winning.

The best possible payout would be what is called a 10-7 video poker slot machine. More likely to be found are the 9-6 video pokers or less. You only want to pay attention to these two indicators when one coin is registered. But when looking for a video poker machine, you need to look for the best odds machine which will be found in the video poker legend.

The legend is found just above the cards on the screen.

Another way to enjoy playing video poker is to purchase a used video poker slot machine. But the IGT Game King is aptly named and is the King of all the video poker machines.

How do you win at the casino? The best answer is to not play or to buy a used video poker machine for your home game room.

The IGT PE Plus multi-game video poker is a five game video poker. Choose from IGT PE Plus, Bally Game Makers, and IGT Game Kings. For in home use, they offer ample poker choices and in many cases slots, keno and blackjack to keep you interested.

However, there is one sure way to have the best odds when playing slot machines at a casino. It will show you what the odds of the game are by looking at the “Full House” and the “Flush” payouts. That is a 10 is next to the “Full House” and a 7 next to the “Flush” on the legend. Most of these are multi game video poker plus some extra games.

You also need to remember that a machine with a payback percentage of 100% or any percent is based on perfect play. It is a 31 game touch screen with all the classic video poker games, several slot games, keno games and blackjack.

Video Poker Slots are the best odds game for a player that enjoys the personal confines of a slot machine, not a blackjack or poker table. A 9-6 video poker slot machine is around 99% payback while the 8-5 are 97.3% click here for more

Casino-Gaming :: A Roulette System

That’s why I switched to Poker though. Roulette doesn’t have that quality. Also, always play at a private table. For money limits, have a specific amount that you’re willing to lose in the hopes of winning. I knew it was an unbeatable game. You’ve already let one of the columns or dozens go by at least 7 times. I think the reason most people like Roulette is for the excitement of trying to win money. She loves it though. You’re going to start by betting $10 on the dozen or column that didn’t appear for at least 7 turns. What you’re watching for is when one of the columns or dozens doesn’t appear for at least 7 times in a row. If you do make it as high as the $200 bet, you have to make a judgement call. Once this happens, you’re going to stop using the first part of the system, and change your bet. Even when playing in practice mode it’s still fun. Even when money is on the line it’s still boring. It’s just more fun in my opinion. Once you’ve won, go back to part one of the system and repeat the process. I made a lot of money with this system before I couldn’t stand playing that boring game anymore.

Now that we’ve covered these important factors, let’s move on to the system itself. It’s not hard to keep track of them because you can take as much time as you need, but if you want, you can use a pen and paper to keep track just in case. Mistakes are the last thing you want when you’re putting your money on the line.

While you’re playing the above strategy, you’re going to be watching which numbers have been coming up in the corner of the screen and keeping track of the dozens and columns that are appearing. So for you to actually lose money, the column or dozen you’re betting on would have to not show itself for 16 spins in a row. Drinking impairs your judgement, and when your judgement’s impaired, you’ll make mistakes. The first part of the system is this; There are 3 columns in roulette that pay 2 to 1. On each red square in this column, place $1 and place $1 on 0 as well. This is the column were going to focus on for now. When I set out to beat Roulette, I did so because for the challenge of beating an unbeatable game. If you lose the $10 bet, you have to keep going using a martingale betting progression that looks like this;

Good luck!

. Once the excitement of the challenge was gone, Roulette reverted back to being a very basic and repetitive game. This will lower the house edge and up your odds. And last but not least, Always play sober. Whether you’re winning or losing, stop. Each time you increase your bet, the profit you receive gets smaller.

First things first, always play at a European table because they only have one 0 as opposed to two on the American style table. Although, that train of thought doesn’t apply to everyone. If the ball lands anywhere on the two columns where you bet $9, you’ll win $27, and break even. She buys Slot games for her computer and plays for hours just for the love of the game. You can only win or lose on the last column, which is the beauty of this strategy, because in the column, you can win on 9 different spots, (the 8 red squares and 0) and you’ll only lose on 4 spots. This is because the minimum bets are lower online which is an advantage for you, and also there are no distractions when playing online and no time limits. It only wins back your losses, so if you make it that high you can’t go any higher as you’ll hit the table limit. If you do still like playing Roulette, I hope this helps. I think Slots is the most boring game on the planet. I’m more of a Poker player these days, (I’ll get to why I switched in a minute) but a couple of years ago, I did nothing but study Roulette. One column has 8 black squares and 4 red squares. (the 7 you already let go by plus 9 bets on top of that) It is extremely unlikely for a column or dozen to not show itself that many times in a row. This is where part 2 comes in.

But I’m rambling now, which isn’t the point of this article. A couple of years ago, I was really into Roulette. You’ll very rarely see it happen, and by the time it does happen, you’ll have won so many times you’ll easily be able to afford the loss, and you’ll still be up. You win, you break even and you’re back to square one. Your best bet is to be willing to lose twice the amount you want to win. Each of the above bets will win back all previous losses plus give you a profit. I only gamble if the game is fun and Roulette just wasn’t fun anymore once I felt I had conquered the challenge.

Aside from the system itself, there are other factors that come into play that are integral to your success. I don’t gamble to win money. (the 4 black squares) This means you’re more than twice as likely to win as you are to lose. But I had an idea. We’ll cover those first as the system is useless without these factors.

$10, $14, $18, $27, $41, $61, $90, $135, and $200

Well, that’s it. It’s your last shot. (except for maybe cheating) I also knew that there are people who have made a lot of money playing Roulette for a living, (without cheating) and I thought to myself, haven’t they in a sense beaten Roulette? They didn’t have a fool proof click here for more

bookies Posts – Page 1

Known for the efficient and safe services, the company offers Seattle Wedding Limousine , Limousine Seattle and many more services.

Tags: Free Sports Bets, Get Free Sports BetsHow Soccer Statistics Improve Your Game

By: Donn Long | Apr 8th 2014 – Whenever we mention the news “Soccer statistics”, our mind inevitably associates it with bookies. And they do not come up with much larger or more meaningful than the great match between India vs Pakistan. BHA Head Of Handicapping, Phil Smith, has now declared the official weights for the toughest Steeple Chase in the world and joint heaviest are Don’t Push It and Neptune Collonges, both on 11-10.

Tags: pay per head, pay per head, pay per headExcited To Go On Fly Fishing Trips Colorado?

By: Mike Flower | Mar 31st 2013 – Are you interested in fly fishing? If you are nodding your head for yes, you will find plethora of destinations in Colorado to do the same.

Tags: Fly Fishing Tours Colorado, Fly Fishing Trips Colorado, Guided Fly Fishing Tours ColoradoIndia Vs Pakistan 2012

By: Altaf Shaikh | Dec 16th 2012 – There are some activities bigger than game, when the outcome is almost secondary to the occasion.

However, because the system is automated, some local bookies forget to put the proper controls or limits

in their players to protect both the player and themselves. You’d almost certainly have more chance of getting a quick return by putting your money on the favourite at th …

Tags: hair, hair systems, hair loss, hair pieces, wig, toupee, cancer, chemotherapy, celebrity, famous, topper, alopecia, radiotherapy, bloomsbury, clinic, What Is A No Deposit Free Bet?

By: Keith Rodwell | Dec 30th 2011 – Bookmakers are starting to realise that no-deposit free bets bring them money – lots of new punters, and lots of money. Stat … McManus is the famous Grand National race horse owner, learn more about the man.

Tags: Grand National 2010, Pick Up A New Hobby – Pick A Grand National Winner

By: Gen Wright | Jan 21st 2009 – Grand National sounds like a name for some International event, and in some way, it is an International event. Bookies use analytical and statistical game information to predict the prospects of victory or loss.

Tags: 1A Helping Hand With Sensible Tactics In Tip Bóng ?á — Beneficial Tips To Consider

By: Margret Erickson | Sep 17th 2013 – Imagination: Develop state of affairs that tip bóng ‘á dispute the with his beloved son Kai.

Tags: stocks to buy, buy stocksHow To Manipulate Statistics For Ideological & Political Gain

By: John Henry BA BSc | Jul 5th 2011 – This essay examines the proliferation of statistics in the UK, challenging some of the assumptions made and highlighting the mathematical science that should (but often doesn”t) underpin accurate statistical analysis.

Tags: Grand National Runners, Shayne Ward Tickets

By: sold | Feb 7th 2011 – Shayne Word Tickets for Progress Live 2011 are available at Sold Out Ticket Market against nominal price. Bookies use analytical and statistical game information to predict it is likely that a victory or loss. So how can you take advantage and ensure that the bookies don’t take everything? Here’s my guide to no-deposit free bets.

Tags: no deposit free bet, free bets, bookmakerStock Buying – Due Diligence Required Beforehand

By: nathboy6fo | Sep 17th 2011 – Having taken a quick look at the various options for those folk who are planning on making a small investment now really isn”t the time to be risking part of the monthly income and hoping to get a speedy return. They may contact you to see if they can open an account so they can enter your free-rolls. Learn all about race horse blinkers and why they can be a vital gear change for a race horse that can be the difference between winning and losing.

Tags: Race Horse Training, Race Horse Gear, Sydney Horse Trainer, New Breed RacingInsurance For Business Van Owners

By: Johan Monarrez | May 7th 2012 – Do you need business insurance for your commercial vehicle? It doesn”t matter if you are a 1 man band or a sizable business, if commercial vehicles are an important part of your business then finding the very best insurance policy tailored for you is a priority.

Tags: business van insurance, van insurance, insurance, vehicle insuranceVisit Amman This Holiday Season

By: Suhana Kalra | Apr 11th 2012 – Amman is one of the oldest inhabited cities of the world.

Tags: Seattle Limo, Seattle Limousine, Seattle Wedding Limo, Seattle

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Managing Your Bookie Service To Avoid The Chase

By: pabloriveracancun | Oct 12th 2012 – One thing is for sure, using a pay per head bookie service makes managing your book a lot easier. Other players on the poker skin will check-out your website and will see this. Sometimes it’s topper stronger upper berth and lower berth body military strength to vie with former participants. So far, the biggest accolade in horse racing has eluded him, but can he pick himself back up and reign triumphant in 2010?

Tags: jockeys, The Comply Or Die Story

By: Gen Wright | Nov 8th 2009 – Though the buzz around the Grand National really ramps up in April that doesn’t stop the speculators from trying to get an edge on the potential winner months before the entrants have even been named. … Maturing health fears about acting as in the Gulf’s singing summer monger losings near everything if the market lo … The advantages of such collected data usually are not limited by bookies alone.

Tags: The Mcmanus And Mccoy Connection

By: Gen Wright | Jul 20th 2009 – Can McCoy and McManus over come their Grand National hoodoo. Your wait for the biggest cricket sequence is over because Pakistan will be travelling India right at the end of 2012.


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The Phoenix Suns – The Early Years

In 1976, the year the movie Rocky was released, the Suns proved to be a real-life basketball version of Rocky. But once again the Suns fell in five games to the Trail Blazers in the conference semifinals, however the series was punctuated by an electrifying game 4, in which the Suns lost in double overtime 153-151. They showed their poise by sweeping the San Antonio Spurs in 3 games. Colangelo in turn hired Johnny “Red” Kerr (as of this writing a broadcaster with the Bulls) to be the first head coach of the Suns. While having sent four players to the all-star game in the last two years (Chambers, Johnson, Hornacek and Majerle), the Suns were poised to make a serious run at the NBA Finals. In 1992, the Suns cruised to a 53-29 record during the regular season. Problems arose however, on and off court, in the mid ’80s. No defendants ever went to trial: two of the players went into a prosecution diversion program, while another received probation. He was a former football player for The University of Arizona;

According to the Suns website, the original logo was designed by Stanley Fabe, owner of a Tucson printing company, for $200.

In the late ’70s and early ’80s, the Suns enjoyed several successful seasons, making the playoffs for 8 seasons in a row. Cotton Fitzsimmons replaced Colangelo as Suns coach for the 1970-71 season. Game 5 was a triple-overtime classic that is considered by many to be the greatest game in NBA history, with Suns forward Gar Heard hitting a buzzer beating rainbow jump shot (“The Shot”) to send the contest into the third overtime at Boston Garden.

Don Diamond, Tucson-based real estate investor who eventually replaced Eller on the ownership managing team.

All four men were alumni of The University of Arizona. Kurt Rambis was added from the Charlotte Hornets in 1989, and the team (coached by Fitzsimmons), in a shocking upset, beat the Los Angeles Lakers in 5 games that season before falling to the Portland Trail Blazers in the Western Conference Finals. He took the team to their first winning season, with a final record of 48-34.

Fitzsimmons would return to the head coaching job in the late 1980s; he would go on to be greatly loved by Suns fans, wildly popular (and successful) as a coach, broadcaster and executive with the Suns organization.

Karl Eller, owner of a major outdoor advertising company and one of the Phoenix area’s most influential business leaders at that time. The Suns’ luck began to turn around in 1987, however, with the acquisition from the Cleveland Cavaliers of Kevin Johnson, Mark West, and Tyrone Corbin for popular power forward Larry Nance. Kerr was forced to resign midway through the 1969-70 season, and Colangelo himself coached a few games. In 1991, The Suns stormed to a 55-27 record, however they lost in the first round to the Utah Jazz 3-1. The Suns were yet again denied a shot at a title, but in subsequent seasons enjoyed even greater success than ever before.

The new Suns ownership group hired former Chicago Bulls executive Jerry Colangelo to be general manager (he was 28 years of age when he took the position). They finished the season with 42 wins and 40 losses, but shockingly they beat the defending NBA champion Golden State Warriors in the playoffs and went on to play the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals, giving the Celtics a tough battle before falling in 6 games. The scandal did provide an opening for general manager Colangelo to lead a group that bought the team from its owners for $44 million, a record at that time.

The Phoenix Suns are a professional basketball team, based in Phoenix, Arizona. Nevertheless, the scandal, although now perceived in many respects to be a witchhunt, tarnished the reputation of the franchise both nationally and within the community. They play in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

On January 22, 1968, the NBA awarded expansion franchises to an ownership group from Phoenix and one from Milwaukee.

Donald Pitt, a Tucson-based attorney;

In the 1970s the Suns experienced mild success, combining the talents of such players as Dick Van Arsdale (The Original Sun), his twin brother Tom Van Arsdale, Hall of Famer Connie Hawkins, Len “Truck” Robinson, Alvan Adams, and center Neal Walk. In 1988, Tom Chambers came over from Seattle as the first unrestricted free agent in NBA history, Jeff Hornacek a 1986 second round pick continued to develop, “Thunder” Dan Majerle was drafted with the 14th pick in the draft, which they obtained from Cleveland in the Kevin Johnson trade, and the team began a 13-year playoff streak. According to the history section of the Suns website, other investors in the Suns included prominent entertainers such as Andy Williams and Henry Mancini.

Richard Bloch, a Southern California investment broker/real estate developer and former Tucson resident (no relation to the Richard Bloch who was the co-founder of tax preparation provider H&R Block).

The primary investors in the Phoenix franchise at its inception had close ties to Tucson, Arizona’s second largest city. They were:. These indictments were partially based on testimony from star player Walter Davis, who was given immunity. In 1987 the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office indicted 13 people on drug-related charges, three of whom were active Suns players (James Edwards, Jay Humphries and Grant Gondrezick). With a drug scandal and the loss of promising young center Nick Vanos, who was killed in the crash of Northwest Airlines Flight 255 after taking off from Detroit Metropolitan Airport, the franchise was in turmoil on and off the court click here for more

Premier League Preview – Arsenal

In addition Aston Villa, Everton and Tottenham Hotspur will all be contenders to break into the top four. Arsenal will face an uphill battle.

In midfield the void left by Patrick Vieira’s departure in 2005 has still to be adequately filled. Eduardo will be looking to feature heavily in Arsenal’s season as he made it through pre-season without picking up any knocks after returning from a horrendous leg break last season.

If Arsenal could ensure the fitness of key players like van Persie, Nasri, Rosicky and Eduardo then the London club have the quality to mount a serious title challenge.

The trophy drought at Emirates stadium continues with Arsenal having failed to win a trophy since victory in the FA Cup final four years ago. A replacement for Emmanuel Adebayor is also needed, with Emirates side heavily linked with Bourdeaux striker, Marouane Chamakh.. Should they lay claim to fourth spot or higher, it would appear Arsenal would be first out the door. The Gunners have lost key players since that dramatic day in Cardiff: Patrick Veira, Thierry Henry and Robert Pires to name a few.

Manchester City will be a threat this season. A sign to rival clubs to take Arsenal seriously.

Another trophyless season is surely unimaginable for Arsene Wenger and the Frenchman will be hoping the fruits of his labour come ripe this year as some of the younger players come of age.

The exodus of senior players from the club has continued this summer with Emmanuel Adebayor and Kolo Toure both joining the Manchester City revolution.

It is an unwanted injury woe for the French manager who has already suffered the loss of Samir Nasri, who broke his leg in training. The Eastland club have signalled champions league qualification as a must. Thomas Veermaelan has joined from Dutch club Ajax.

Arsene Wenger has made steps to improve his squad. Well Thomas Rosicky fits that description as he hasn’t played for 18 months and had made a successful rehabilitation, making it through pre-season unscathed. That was until yesterday, when Wenger announced the Czech Republic international had picked up a hamstring strain.

At the Arsenal Members’ Day 2009, when club captain Cesc Fabregas was questioned over the ambitions of the team this year, the Spanish international reacted sharply when it was suggested the club would be content with a fourth place finish. The experienced Belgian will add some much needed steel to the Arsenal back four.

That clichéd saying; the return of an injured player is like a new signing click here for more

Sports :: The NBA Final Picks

Unless Kobe gets hurt or something unforeseen happens they should be one of the two teams vying for the title.

As it is still early yet anything could still happen. Boston used to be a powerhouse in the eighties and they may rise up yet again with the right people in place. Many feel that the salary caps should be raised so that other teams can compete. He is the franchise player that skipped college basketball because of the beauty of his playing abilities. In a poll recently posed to fans 51 percent felt that the Lakers would win again in 2010. The other time that happened was with the Chicago Bulls as Michael Jordan wanted to win so badly that he was willing to sacrifice his NBA salary since he was making more money in advertising endorsements. Your underdog team could possibly get that NBA ring.

Most of the teams that are in contention have franchise players and are at the salary cap so they will not have an opportunity to draft any really good players. Does your team have a shot at the next NBA Finals? Usually if the team was pretty good in the previous year they will have approximately the same performance unless major players are hurt, were traded or retired. Nothing is set in stone. Do you have a favorite team that you are rooting for? Or maybe you just have a player that you like. Many people felt that Boston has a 24.3 percent chance to win it all in 2010.. Yet still others feel that the top league players should take a salary cut to gain additional players if they are truly serious about winning. The favored team could have a really bad year. No one yet knows who is going to win and the NBA picks are still too early to decide. Unless LeBron James is willing to go this route the Cavaliers may never win.

One of the other two contending teams that might have a shot is the Cleveland Cavaliers. New players are too green to have an effect as it will take them a while to get trained and acclimated to professional basketball.

Number 24 Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers have the greatest odds to win. Although Shaquille O’Neal is an experienced player with four championship wins Cleveland doesn’t have enough supporting players on the team to help them win. Though many say that LeBron is still young and hasn’t fully matured enough to win even though he is a phenomenal player. LeBron James leads this team. They are the returning champions and have won numerous titles, so they are really the team to watch. They have won a championship game in the past decade so they would need to have a few key players to step up to the plate to get to the playoffs. They can only do a trade to try and lower their salary budget to bring in fresh blood. Even as extraordinary as LeBron may be he cannot win the playoffs by himself.

The other team that is on the watch list is the Boston Celtics click here for more

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Lead by Andre Ayew, the Swans scored more than two goals for the first time this season. more

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West Ham Vs Swansea – Goals, Goals, Goals

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Guess I should’ve been more pessimistic throughout the season. Thought that Swansea will get a football lesson by Liverpool last weekend, but the team responded to two bad defeats with one of the best performances of the season click here for more